Steve Harvey's Guiding Principle About Legacy

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Steve Harvey's honest and transparent insight hits home every time I watch this clip.  

So often we cannot hear clearly what our close family is saying but when the message comes from someone else, a neutral party, we can hear the message loud and clear.

We have heard this message about living your life to the fullest but when it comes from the lips of a dying woman there is a gravity to the words.  The words become heavy, weighted, and sink deep.  

undefinedIt is common, easy and natural to become distracted with everyday life.  It get caught up with the right in front of you distractions, the busy work of having a job, a family and just everyday life tasks.  But there is a far greater view laid out in from of us, a perspective that cannot be denied, in the future.

To touch the lives of your grandchildren's children is beyond the scope of most everyone.  I know the names of my great-grandfathers, Fredrick and Luis, because I was naturally curious about them.  As immigrants, they did lay a foundation for my family in America, but I nothing like the legacy Harvey is referring to in his video.

Love, kindness and honesty are character traits you can demonstrate and hope they move forward in your family, that is only natural.  Harvey, though, is speaking of something exceptional.  He talks about living your whole life thinking ahead, thinking of those future generations and what you can give forward.  Thinking big and then scaling bigger with your actions, swinging for the fences to build a legacy.

undefinedEven if you fail, to have the family story that you lived bigger, took chances and tried harder would be worth the breath because it would inspire future generations to try their luck, go beyond their comfort zone and be okay with failing forward.

The choice is in our hands.

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