The Adventures of a Pet Sitter

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On 16 November 2016, just coincidentally my birthday, we decided to start a little family business - Taylored Pet Sitters, you can find us on Facebook, the website is still under construction.

What an adventure this has been.  We advertised organically through Facebook, ran around town placing an advert on as many community notice boards as we could find - you know the one's, with little tear off contact numbers - and the vets of course.  Not to mention speaking to everyone and anyone who would listen.

It was in very short time that we received our first enquiries; you can just imagine the excitement!  We were booked to house and Collie sit.  The most gorgeous home and cutest Collie ever - why, this was going to be like having a holiday home for us!  Haha!  That is until the thunder rolled and the lightning struck, and we discovered how quickly the cutest Collie could turn into a panting, salivating, agitated, nervous little wreck!  It was heart breaking to watch the fear consume her, thankfully we had CalmEeze on hand for just such an occasion!  It works, but not immediately of course, this means much patience, love and reassurance was in order. Wow though!  It was so terribly disturbing to witness her torment.

The house it gorgeous and huge - with all the bells and whistles, a azure blue swimming pool picturesque garden with rolling lawns, pool table, gorgeous patio overlooking it all - what an incredible place to sit and work!  This does not come without a price however, we are based in Johannesburg after all and security is of prime importance.  So, we duly lock up the house as securely as we've been instructed; arm the beams for the garden with this remote by pressing that symbol; arm the the house alarm on the keypad with yet another symbol, before settling down for a peaceful night's sleep.  Alarm set for 6.00am, we rest assured that we would wake in time for the next day ahead.  Only ... the alarm for the beams in the garden sounds it's shrill ... eyes pop open, almost instantly alert ... all except for, oh blast, what is the code to deactivate the house alarm???  The telephone is ringing on the other side of the house, the security company calling in to check that we are not under siege, and I cannot get to the phone because I cannot deactivate the house alarm.  Within what felt like seconds I went from a deep, relaxing slumber into a state of absolute shock!  Next thing I know, the security guards are at the gate, ringing and ringing to be let in a do their work of protection - all this whilst I am frantically searching for the code to deactivate the alarm.  Almost a comedy of errors, only I don't want these burly, armed men jumping the gate and risking life and limb due to the height and the electric fence!

Cut a long story short, I made it, eyes wide open, hair standing on end, to the kitchen window in time to shout out the window and assure the burly men that all was (supposedly) under control in the house!  Once they'd left the fear struck - what set off the garden beams?  Perhaps I should have asked them to do a check throughout the garden.  It dawns on me, we have a gorgeous Collie (and our own Jack Russell) now bursting escape to the garden - and I don't know if there are any dangers lurking in the garden!  The garden beams!  I turn them back on and wait, and wait...  The sound of the Hadeda's ring out, I hear them swoop onto the patio (to look for dogfood of course) and as they swoop their large wing span crosses the beams .... the shrill starts all over again!

There are many more adventure's to share - run away furbabies, too strong to stopped in mid-stride!  Slobber chops Great Dane teenage male, adorable, mischievous and utterly lovable!  These I'll save for another blog, another day ...

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