The Power Of 17 Seconds!

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Hi everybody

Today I just want to share with you a technique that I use all the time, and by all the time, I mean all the time! The Power of 17 Seconds that can change your life! This is actually how The Law of Attraction works!

Do you know that it requires only 17 seconds to gain momentum and change the way you see life?

Remember, Life is responding to your vibration, to your feelings and emotions. So is not about repeating affirmations, but feeling them the way you actually manifest beautiful things into your life experience, or not...

When can you use this technique? 

  • In the early morning when you wake up.

  • During a traffic jam. Where else can you go? Believe me, you'll get there, when you get there, not before, not after, but when you get there!

  • At the office during a business meeting with a bunch of hectic people!

  • In the middle of a Parent's meeting (before you kill the mother next to you!)

  • When your kids misbehave (Daily, several times a day? Once a week? hahahaha yeah of course!)

  • All the times above! And more!

Whenever you need to stop momentum, a bad one, you can change it in only 17 seconds. And if you are on a high fly disc continue adding momentum and Life will show you how amazing can it be. It's your choice to be happy.

Start today! Watch the next video

that I made with all my heart for you and please comment below. 


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