UK Job Losses

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With More Announcements Of UK Job Losses Are You Worried As A UK Worker That You Will Be Next? - This Could Be Your Contingency Plan!

As someone who has worked in the UK for over thirty years it worries me that there has been a trend over the last couple of months for announcements of UK job losses affecting many major brands and companies that have been a backbone for the UK economy.

Now I am no politicial expert but ever since the UK voted to come out of the European Union on June 23rd 2016 there seems to be a snowball effect of UK job losses which is gathering momentum at an unnerving rate.

In the last two months there has been at least 6 announcements with a total of UK job losses of around 5500.

Although I live in Cyprus now the situation in my home country worries me. My three sons live and work there as well as many other family members and friends.

Now if you are a UK worker then you must be concerned that one day it may be you.

So I have done a bit of digging to show you where the losses have happended and given you some ideas on how you can form a contingency plan if this misfortune arrives at your door.

Please click below to read what I have come up with.

I hope that I don't see many more UK job losses being announced but hopefully I have given you some possible solutions to a cloud that is hanging over many people in the UK at the moment.

To your success.


Pete Harris