What does it take to write a blog ?

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What does it take to write a blog?

Someone told me that writing blogs can set you to peace, to be at rest.

I'm not quite a writer, I’m not a big talker. I'm more one of those who's watching from the sidelines, to keep out of the spotlights. Never draw attention. Keep my safe distance. Keep out of trouble.

But then again, keeping everything I see, everything I hear, everything I feel to myself is a bit selfish. Why not keep a (b)log of my thoughts and memories? So why keeping all this for myself and not share this with someone else who might find it fun or interesting?

So now you have an idea of why I started blogging: keeping track of the things I notice in my life!

The big question is, do I start from today, should I talk about the future or should I also post things about my past? What memories to share with the rest of our beautiful big world?


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