Whats your ideal day? When you really sit down and think if i had the whole day to myself , no limits what would i do today? Put on the spot like that really gets you thinking about whats important to you. Do i include others? or Do i just self indulge? Its actually a hard thing to do and takes some thought. I have shared my "Ideal Day" below.

My Ideal Day

I have woken up naturally when my body and mind have had enough rest. in my lovely peaceful surroundings, the sun is shining through the curtains. I am on my own,  It feels great to not be on a time schedule and to have had enough rest. I practiced my gratefulness appreciation for the day ahead before getting out of bed, eg I am grateful for the great nights sleep i had , i am grateful for the sun shining this morning. [caption id="attachment_476" align="alignnone" width="150"] Sunrise[/caption] I open my curtains and breathe in the wonderful view from my house the sea and beach to the left and the mountains to the right breathtaking. All what i dreamed of. I am grateful for this wonderful prosperous day. I do 15 minutes of meditation, listen to" Abraham or Bashar " on you tube. I thank them for all their teachings and helping me to get in alignment to recognise the opportunity of clicking on Stuart Ross' link to SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and this lifestyle. This has become my everyday routine which i love and takes me a couple of hours including breakfast etc. [caption id="attachment_486" align="alignnone" width="150"] meditation in the morning[/caption] I then make my way downstairs with a spring in my step singing “gotta get up gotta feel good” this has become my theme song ha. I go to  see my animal friends , my dog Blaze and 2 cats Jet and Tiger and a few other rescue cats/dogs i have been able to have the time to adopt and help. I feed them all, i now have time to "oil pull" with coconut oil, have my hot lemon juice, wheatgrass powder D.E and i am grateful that i now have time to juice an organic green juice for breakfast and something healthful afterwards a relaxing start to the morning it feels good. All part of my morning ritual now. I love feeling healthy and happy and free. I love the unconditional love from my animals. I feel full of energy and l am in a place where i listen to my inner being and take action from that feel good place which i know is always working out for me , for my highest good. [caption id="attachment_456" align="alignnone" width="150"] I love to swim in the morning[/caption] I have a morning swim in my own swimming pool yeees i finally got my own pool yippee! I love to swim it is like a moving meditation for me and i love the Jacuzzi and steamroom after  too ha. I get dressed for the day ahead ready to take the dogs for a walk,  beach or country walk today? Decisions decisions. A decision i don't mind making. I have all the time in the world,  i can take as long as i want for our walks which feels wonderful and exhilarating. [caption id="attachment_458" align="alignnone" width="150"] Walking my dog in the countryside[/caption] On my return i check my laptop to see my commissions and work on my website for a couple of hours, check emails and social media. everything is going great i love making money in my sleep. The best day ever for commissions i’m so grateful i have been able to give up my other work and have my days to myself and financial freedom i feel prosperous and fulfilled. i am passionate about my days and i am always doing something i want to do that is for my highest excitement. I love being an elite member of SFM and am grateful for all the support of the community and extended family , i love connecting with like minded wonderful people and being able to help others to do the same. [caption id="attachment_530" align="alignnone" width="150"] working from home the laptop lifestyle[/caption] I now go with the flow,  i like to live in the moment and can do what i feel like doing in that moment rather than too much planning or on a schedule. Everyday is like a weekend day or like xmas time. I love xmas the thing i love about it is the xmas spirit people feel good, family time, giving and receiving, and feeling  like the new year to come is full of possibilities and fresh starts. All i have to do today is feel good.. I decided to ring my  friend Lindsay to arrange a lunch date to catch up and share our good news. We are both vegetarian and have found a lovely organic cafe which we like to go to. We ate some delicious healthful food and had a great laugh and conversation, we are carefree,  we decide to organise a spa weekend away. We say our goodbyes and are looking forward to the spa break we have booked to go to. I love self care and have  a regular weekly massage /reflexology feels good to be the one receiving the treatment for a change! ha. I love that i have the resources now to do whatever i feel like doing whenever i want to. [caption id="attachment_445" align="alignnone" width="150"] Looking forward to a Spa break[/caption] I decide to have an afternoon nap before i take the dogs out for another walk late afternoon i love being in nature especially when the sun is shining. I listen to the birds as we walk and hear the trees rustle in the warm breeze and feel at one with the world and nature. I have time to give them a groom when i got back. I now have time in my day to do some volunteer work at animal shelters and homeless/children organisations. Today i’m off to help at the animal rescue centre, its so rewarding and i love being of service to those who want it , i help them and they help me at the same time it is fulfilling and i thank them for allowing me to help and be of service. On my return, i practice my guitar for half hour, i’m getting better and better and my lessons are paying off i have connected with a great teacher. I love music and the words of songs resonate with me more these days as much as the tune, i occasionally write a song. I love being able to pick a hobby of mine each day to do. I have got back into photography, tai chi, wing chun, drawing, painting, dancing, reading, writing a book, and trying new things. [caption id="attachment_114" align="alignnone" width="150"] Learning Guitar[/caption] I give my parents a ring to say hello and make some plans for us to get together and spend some quality time together  my mum has always been there no matter what for me and i am grateful to have such a wonderful person as a role model giving me unconditional love constantly. I have my salsa class tonight where i have met some fabulous lovely friends and have great fun dancing the night away with my partner who is also my romantic partner too, no more online dating yayy. We met naturally whilst i was doing something i love. I’m feeling loved and feeling the rhythm of life in action. I love having the balance in my life of work, love, play and knowing all is well in my world. [caption id="attachment_174" align="alignnone" width="134"] Salsa dance classes[/caption] Feeling grateful for a wonderful day on my return , i am smiling from ear to ear, i relax with my pets for a while and chill watching a film before going to bed after a fun , joyful day, looking forward to the day tomorrow and all the fun it will bring and possibilities. Feeling grateful for all that is and to all my co-creators who have helped me to get where i am today. Today was a good day.


  My ideal day..... you may notice that there is nothing too extravagant in my ideal day , no ferrari cars or jetting off to Paris for the day , ha . That might be in Your Ideal Day.  It just goes to show we don't always need the things that money can buy, sometimes its the simple things that money can't buy that make us the happiest. Time is the thing that Six Figure Mentor can give me back. By being able to earn whilst i'm sleeping this is priceless. There was never enough hours in the day for me to earn what i wanted , to be able to pay for my daily needs/bills and get the work, life, play balance. My ideal day is within reach, what does your ideal day look like? [caption id="attachment_158" align="aligncenter" width="150"] Escape 9 to 5 create your own Lifestyle[/caption]        

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