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Are you afraid of being alone or being lonely?

The wise philosophers write that you can be just as lonely in a crowded room as you can by yourself.  This is true especially if you are not okay with yourself.  If you don’t like yourself or are not happy with your own company, you can’t be happy in other people’s company.  Much the same as I have previously written about self-love, you can’t be loved if you don’t love yourself first.

Get comfortable in your own skin and you will be the best company for yourself that you can ask for. Let’s face it, who knows you the best; who knows what you are thinking and feeling; who can understand the torment you go through each day just to put one foot in front of the other.  Use that knowledge to create a friendship with yourself. 

You are probably thinking you have nothing to give or no value to add to a friendship with yourself, but you do.  You need to set aside the outward persona for a minute and look deep inside to find the original you.  This is the you who perseveres in the face of unthinkable conditions; the you who still loves unconditionally and believes in the good in the world; the you who makes your own decision on what terms you want to be living. 

I know you don’t think you have these qualities but think laterally and you will see that whatever your current circumstance, you are an amazing person just for not giving up.

Once you start to feel comfortable with your own company and having conversations with yourself about things that are important to you, any other outside interaction is a bonus not a requirement.

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