Where Will You Be A Year From Today?

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Where Will You Be A Year From Today?

Will you still be in a job you hate? Waking up to your alarm every weekday morning to dress in your work clothes, spend goodness-knows how much time commuting, doing something you don’t really enjoy all day only to come home, spend what little time (and energy) you have with your family or lazing on the couch only to do it all over again the next day.

Or will you be pursuing your passion? Waking up each day excited about doing something you love, having the freedom and energy to hang with your loved ones, feeling fulfilled.

Why should you spend the majority of your waking hours doing something you either don’t believe in, or don’t enjoy?

Check out this truthful video by Jay Shetty, it’s an eye-opener.

At the end of your life what will you regret?

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life” – Wayne Dyer

Abundance isn’t just having money or materialistic things, yes money can make things easier and give you a lot more options but doing something you’re truly passionate about each and every day is way up on top of the list. That is what makes you happy in life. Knowing you’ve taken a leap to get from where you once were to where you wanted to be. It paid off. Isn’t it worth taking a risk to have a life that you love?

“A year from now, you’d wish you had started today” – Jay Shetty

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