Why does Pat wear Pearls Every Day?

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Pat wears spectacular pearls almost every day for many reasons.

For those who know me, you know I have extraordinary allergies, quite badly.

Years ago on my journey to find something non-evasive to rid of my allergies, my friend, Bill, suggested magnetic pearls & earrings. I started to wear the magnetic pearls. on my neck & ears. They really seemed to help a lot. They looked fabulous & my mother loved pearls. The queen wears pearls often so I feel very confident & energized with my magnetic pearls.

I wore the magnetic pearls everywhere, including while I was gardening & swimming.

One gardening day when the mosquitoes were attacking, I applied bug spray. While bathing that evening I realized the bug spray had removed the lustrous finish from my pearls. I wore them anyway as I believed they helped give me some relief from my allergies. They looked gross, I wore them anyway.

I ordered a new set that I saved to wear for special occasions. After many years of wear & tear, the bakings came off my original magnetic pearls.

Then I lost one. I had my friend who makes jewelry make me a set with fabulous black pearls that I often wear.

I had a special occasion coming up & I'll be damned if I could find my new set of magnetic pearls. Our lifestyle of traveling frequently consists of taking as little as possible with us. Who knows where the new set is? Such a waste.


As we continue to educate ourselves we realize, "little is much" & so much easier to look after.

We also realize EVERY DAY is a special occasion. I wear pearls most days. I have a daily routine that also gets me meditating, dressed up, made up, & ready to meet the world for a party.

Daily, we use fine bone China since we have it. Each day may be our last. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite content with paper plates also. 

One morning my friend woke up to a dead husband beside her. When she looked at her China cabinet with crystal & China, that had never been used, she felt like smashing it all.

All that we have is meant to be enjoyed. Enjoy your life, whether it's paper plates or china plates. Our time with our loved ones is most valuable.

Every day we wake up is a bonus. Many of our friends have moved on, over & out.

Pearls or no pearls, life is meant to be enjoyed. Wear what you love, do what you love, live your life as you wish. Make your dreams come true.

Only you can control your life. Take charge, Do what you love. Stay happy & healthy. 

Remember, your health is your wealth. Enjoy every minute & pass it on.

Happiness is contagious. It's a good thing to catch & spread. XO Pat.

We've caught much happiness from our online business. Pearls or no pearls, you will be surprised at the talents inside & joy in treating every day like a party.

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