We are just Radio Heads

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We are just Radio Heads

"Radio Heads"

Hi, there its Dermot again, now you might be saying is this another Law Of Attraction blog? or about an aging rock band.

Well yes and also no, now I won't deny that the Law Of Attraction is always at work, but that is my belief. What I'm talking about here is how you can actually control your thoughts, rather than your thoughts controlling you. Intrigued, well read on...

Never Resting minds

Now during your waking hours, your conscious mind doesn't stop, if fact did you know that more than 60,000 thoughts will pass through your mind each day. Staggering isn't it?

No there is absolutely NO way that you can process even 10% of those thoughts and many do bypass the conscious mind and go straight to the subconscious mind. Now the subconscious mind is a totally other issue and that is a blog or two in itself.

Why I linked the radio to our thoughts, "Radio Heads" is that we are very impressionable beings, and we can take on what we see and here quite literally. A good example of this was broadcast in the 1940s when Orson Welles narrated the War Of The Worlds on national radio, he created mass hysteria. People actually thought the Earth was being invaded by little green men. People where terrified.

We are emotionally triggered

Now your thoughts are linked to your emotions and that is how you know if what you are thinking is good  (positive) or bad (negative). Once your emotions take hold, then your thoughts can go on a rampage, thus escalating your emotions. Paranoia is a prime example or this. Your emotions are like a barometer, so when you are feeling bad, like an emotion or physical sensation, then you need to change how you think and then you will begin to feel better. Easier said than done, but there are ways.....

We are just Radio Heads


Great minds have created 2 fantastic tools that help us to measure, monitor, challenge and even control our minds, and these are:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy = Mind, emotions, physical sensations & behaviors are all linked and one affects the next and all can be utilized to correct the next. (See link below)

We are just Radio Heads

Neuro-Linguistic Programming = How you can change your own outlook on life by desensitizing your past life experiences and altering how you see the world. Reprogramme your thoughts to alter your experiences thus your emotions towards it, using your senses, suggestion and other forms of hypnotherapy. (See link below)

These are evidence-based therapies, that can help you to deal with yourself, especially if you are struggling to deal with personal issues, but if your issues aren't too extreme and you just want to deal with here and now issues, then YOU CAN and all by yourself. How?

We are just Radio Heads

Tune Yourself In

Think of your thoughts as a radio station (not a transmitter, but receiver). If you are sitting listening to the radio and something is on, either a song or programme, that you don't like:

A. Your emotions will let you know that you are not pleased.

B. Your mind will then acknowledge your emotions and tell your body to change the station to another one that you like. That you will do almost subconsciously with very little active thought.

Well, You can do this with your thoughts "You are the master of your thoughts" not the other way around.

Every thought you have, that you are consciously aware of, you can change. If you are having negative thoughts, or worrying thoughts, you can change them around to positive thoughts, with relative ease.

Bullshit, you might say, but if you put your mind to it and with consistent practice, you can. Emotions of doubt and fear can be transformed into emotions of belief and faith.

Like anything in life, it won't come easy and won't happen without action, but I can happen if you just give it a go. You might not see a transformation in the here and now, but you will begin to feel better in yourself. It is when you start to feel better that you will know something is working.

Help is Great

It is advisable that when you are taking on any self-development work, to get an "accountability partner" to both monitors your progress and motivate you along the way. It is easier for someone else to see improvements in you than to do so in yourself.

There are a ton of self-help guru's out there on Youtube and elsewhere. I like Mel Robbins, as she "Kicks Ass", but choose one to your liking.

Sometimes its good to let them find you, as Inspiration can come to you if you let it.

We are just Radio Heads

To Sum Up

My journey with SFM began, as being a father myself, I was terrified that the traditional 9 to 5 work routine would rob me of my time with my son's. Work time has already denied me the time to attend many of my sons' events at school, like sports days, Christmas plays, parent-teacher meetings, and after-school activities.

Now I'm not blaming my employer, as a job is a job, but these are family experiences that can never be taken back again, can you relate to this?

I remembered how my own father was caught up in the "Rat Race", and I never did see much of him as he was at work. 40 years he spent at the same company and retired with a handshake, which broke his spirit.

At the end of the day, he was only just a number and was replaced.

He sacrificed his life for a job which denied us precious time together, and now that he is dead I can never get that time back. I miss him every day also because I missed him every day.

We are just Radio Heads

I don't know about you, but I don't want history to repeat itself and I don't want to be just a number, replaced with a handshake if I make it that far.

I am sure you are aware that the "Job for life" concept is dying out. Like you, I am a parent, a spouse, a sibling and I have decided that my family have to come first no matter what. They ARE what is important in life, to me, and to you also, I'm sure.

Unless you already have a consistent income outside of work, then the digital lifestyle is one of the few opportunities you have left that can give you time and financial freedom.

Through Six Figure Mentors, I am learning everything anyone could need to know about internet marketing. If you want to learn what I am learning, then I invite you to meet my mentors, Stu & Jay, who are the "attraction marketing experts", by clicking the link.

We have put together a free 7-day video to watch and then the choice is yours and it's up to you to decide if it's for you or not.

Maybe I'll get the privilege to talk to you later.

Take care

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