Last Chicken in Tesco

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By now with the thaw beginning we are all starting to evaluate the extent of the damage & cost of the recent weather phenomena, namely: “The Beast from the East” & “Storm Emma”

Yes it was extra ordinary to say the least and nothing like it had been seen since 2010. I live in Donegal and we got of lightly compared to other parts of the country. Unlike the previous week we where snowed under, and not a mention in the National News about that!!! Need I say more.

Anyway we where effect by the acute shortages in bread, milk and meat, of all things. The supermarkets literally ran out. Why is this?, well 2 factors are in play here.

Firstly: the delivery lorries where grounded, or would not deliver outside of the major hubs. This actually began 24 hours before the storm front hit?!! I would say unions and insurance companies had an influence there (don’t quote me on that though).


Secondly: Us, human beings. The storm was forecast to last a maximum of 72 hours, but everyone went into panic mode and brought a months’ supply of essentials. They cleared out the shelves, which led to further panic buying, as the title says, The Last Chicken in Tesco

In Ireland I have seen this kind of behaviour on the run up to Good Fridays, (Pubs & Off Licenses where closed on Good Fridays) people swarm down to off licenses and supermarkets and buy enough booze to last for weeks!!! It’s ludicrous as the ban on alcohol sales only lasts for 24 hours.

I’m not saying that everyone has an alcohol problem, rather we are all pre conditioned to limitation. We were told as youngsters, growing up and even today in adulthood, that there is NOT enough of anything to go around. Not enough money, not enough food, not enough water, not enough land……

Living in this state is prime breeding ground for a fear of lack and we are always terrified that it will all run out or come to an end or never be enough.

I have been practicing the “Law Of Attraction” for some time now and the message being told over and over again is that there is an abundance of everything in this World and the Universe. Everything is as it should be. It’s hard to get your head around that but emotionally, it is heartening to know that everything, as mad as it may be, is happening for a reason and nothing happens by accident.


I see the internet like the Universe. It is limitless and abundant, unlike the conventional world. There is no lack of anything, especially information and the audience is vast, and getting bigger every second.

My Life journey is about growth and I have decided to keep growing and challenging myself in recovery and life. My mentors in SFM, Stuart & Jay, have realy helped me look at me and how I can choose to make the most of my life and work towards the life I want to make for myself. If you want to learn more about what I've been learning, do click the link below and thankyou for reading my blog. 


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