11th Commandment: You Can’t Kill LOVE

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I am free now. I found my inner peace. I am at peace in a company of people as well as I love my own company. In total silence or just listening to my favourite music. I am finally able to leave the past where it belongs, in the past, and concentrate on my future. And it is amazing. It is going to be even better and bigger, because I've decided so.


I took a first step more than 6 years ago when I left my husband and with 3 young children moved the country all alone. That time not really knowing what I was putting on my shoulders. All I had ware my courage, my will and my strong commitment for a better future. I started testing the grounds alone and as liberating as it felt, it carried many risks and responsibility. Not only for my own self, my own sanity and my well-being, but mainly for my children.

But there were moments I wanted to be swallowed by the earth. When every step I made weighed a ton. Every breath I took hurt. Every night was too long and too dark. I was lonely in the house with three lively children or in the most entertaining company. I was lonely everywhere. I still loved him and missed him. Or at least what I thought. Only later I understood it wasn't love as such. It was only a memory of once existent love that kept our relationship going almost as on auto-pilot for many years before we called it a day.

If you love somebody, you want to be with them, to provide for them, to take care of them,  especially of their feelings … And we didn’t any more.

So why was I feeling that way?  Why I still felt love of some kind?

Well, simply, because 11th commandment applies here, YOU CAN'T KILL LOVE. You can’t wipe out the memories of love.

You can make a decision to remain in a relationship or not for various reasons, but once you really loved, you will love forever.


We were born from love, we were given love at birth as a present. Everything you look at is a creation of love, it is bursting with love.

Just sometimes our ego takes over and we don’t remind ourselves of love enough. We often love too little and too late. We think we can be selfish now and still love later.

But time goes by fast. So the need to love is even more urgent now. We don’t realise we should hurry up and just simply love, and love even more than ever. Love is really simple. There’s no such thing as wasted love. When you love, you are filled with eternal joy. When you love, you want to love more, when you love more, you want to love infinite. Our lives depend on love of other people. And our well-being depends on our capacity to love and on the love we receive. We are capable of being very generous with our love, so why aren't we?

I stopped fighting and denying the memories of love for my ex-husband. I am aware of those fond memories of our once existent love and what's more, I treasure them and will treasure them forever. They are a big part of my life and I am a mother to our three beautiful children as a result of it. I will forever treasure even my short lived loves that existed before or after. We are made to love. Everything is made of love. To love is good for us and vice versa, not allowing ourselves to love or to be loved, can destroy us.


It is all in the power of our minds. Mindset is the key to all our success. If we decide we can, we will do it. If we decide to be defeated, it will be so. And that time ago I decided to be a winner. Yes, first I had to admit my failures and take a full responsibility for my ‘whys’, to start working on myself, on self-development, on my mindset, start learning new skills, even to learn a new ways of self expression. To be more confident, to know how to rely only on myself, to become more at ease with myself and enjoy my own company.

And although I took the first step those year ago, there was a disconnect somewhere for a while. But only till I met my mentors. I was offered to join try their program and join their community. And only with their support I had finally allowed myself to be on a new path of total FREEDOM. They are the proof that spreading love is never a wasted activity. They support my faith that we can not love too much, only too little. Their program definitely accelerated my journey to become a better person, the person I always wanted to be, free, loving, loved, happy, fulfilled and successful. I finally know my purpose, something I can only recommend you too. And should you decide to join me and I will show you how.

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