3 Key Elements for Start an Online Business !

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Starting an online business is a new journey full of challenges and uncertainty, however finding a work life balance when you get started is far from being easy. In my case I quickly realized how overwhelming it can be, avoid burning myself out had become a crucial priority while I was starting. In this article let’s look at 3 key Elements we need as an online entrepreneur.

1 – Detachment

Detachment is not easy thing to implement in our daily lives but it’s worth it, as entrepreneurs we want results, so we put ourselves under constant pressure in order to get things done. However, we must learn the art of detachment, especially when it comes to details that we don’t have any control over: time, money, internet (I am writing this article offline because my Wi-Fi is down for the last 6 hours, but I don’t have any control over it so no reason to get upset right)

You must wonder: why should I be detached from something I really want in my life right? Yes, I know doesn’t make sense. I was thinking the same for years, however, since I began to implement this principle in my life all start to change, I saw a radical shift in my relationship with money. The more I became detach from money, the more I was able to attract money in my life.

The money mindset shift had a big influence on my relationship with time as well, once I stopped to think that time is money and really started to value my time, many major benefits appeared: better social life, reduction of stress, better habits …

I would highly recommend to anybody interested on learning more about Detachment to watch The Shift .

“Have a Mind that is Open to Everything and Attached to Nothing” Dr. Wayne Dyer

2- Consistency

This principle is well known around the world but very few can apply it daily. Why being consistent towards our goals is so challenging for most people?

I believe the main obstacles are daily habits, if we have poor habits as smoking, drinking or spending countless hours watching Netflix chances are low that we can be consistent on other quality habits. Any bad habit takes too much energy and keep us away from real growth, from my personal experience I realized how much I was consistently procrastinating.

I had to go though multiple challenges to finally realize that the quality of my life was determined by the quality of my habits. However, we can’t just get rid of one bad habit by pushing a magic button, we must replace any bad habit with a better one. For instance, you can’t just stop eating junk food in order to be healthy, you will also need to exercise daily.

By implementing quality habits in our business as waking up early or following a daily method operation, we can achieve great results on the long run, don’t forget building an online business is a marathon not a sprint!

3- Creativity

In today’s day and age creativity is more important than ever, it is even more in the online world: Creative content is King!

We all wish an increase in our creativity, but it is not as simple as a wish, as Sir Ken Robinson perfectly explained in his talk Do schools kill creativity? ,the school system didn’t encouraged us in this direction instead most of us are prepared for a corporate career.

I come from a construction background and thinking as an entrepreneur has never been part of my education, creative ideas in my early 20s were not many but shifting from a fixed mindset to a creative mindset is always possible at any age.

Again ,if we take the challenging path in our professionals and personal life creativity will follow i guarantee you .

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