4 Ways to Rescue Your Failing Retirement

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Maybe you realize your retirement funds just aren’t going to be enough to give you the kind of lifestyle you’ve always wanted in retirement.

And look, it’s not your fault.

Our retirement systems are broken.

If you’re someone for whom they’ve worked, then congratulations!

For most of us though, it’s not working out.

So, what we do?

Well, that was the question I was asking myself after 30 plus years of working toward a retirement in a job that I had become somewhat unenthusiastic about. In fact, it was sucking the life out of me.

So, around the time I turned 50, I took a hard look at my retirement and realized, if everything went just right, I could maybe live an okay retirement for about 15 years.

Then I needed to go ahead and die, lol!

I still had a mortgage, no equity in my house, and I wasn’t in the house I wanted to retire in. I wanted a nice big house, in a beautiful setting, in the country, where bunnies play.

What I’m getting at, here, is that many of us still have debt and it’s probably a little unrealistic to think we won’t have some debt in our retirement years.

So, it’s not like we can get by on a very small income.

I don’t like the idea of living in poverty, do you?

In fact, my plan has always been to live a very nice lifestyle in retirement.

I want to travel, play golf, go on fishing cruises, I got big plans, I want season tickets for my favorite baseball team, go Royals!

And I want to take the people I love with me.

I can’t do all of that pinching pennies and trying to make a fixed income last.

I’m not a financial planner, but this isn’t rocket science, right?

Basically, it comes down to this:

If you don’t have enough money, right now, to set yourself up for retirement and you want to make the old model work, and by old model, I mean save and live on your savings in retirement, then you’ve got to do one or more of these things:

1) increase the amount of money you’re investing,

2) increase the return on your investment,

3) increase the period over which you invest.

My preferred solution - replace the broken system altogether, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

So, let’s take a look at all three.


Increase the amount you invest.

So, if you’re going to increase the amount you’re investing, you’ve got to figure out how much you have to invest, right, and once you do, how could you come up with the money?

If you’re trading time for money in a job, you simply have to work more hours, overtime, get a second job, a third job, but who wants to do that?

And can you work enough hours to come up with that kind of money?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to work more hours. I want to work less.


Increase your return on investment.

Are you in a 401k or IRA or a market-based account?

Then, increasing your ROI is totally out of your control.

Option 2 is off the table!

In fact, remember the recession of ’07-’08? Did you know many people lost up to 40% of the money in their 401k’s. Can you afford that this close to retirement age?


Increase the period over which you invest.

Oh, so you mean, work longer? Kind of makes the idea of retirement, moot, right?

It also assumes you can find work. It’s projected that automation will replace 800 Million jobs by 2030!

Ever hear of age discrimination?

It’s alive and well.

You could re-skill, you know, go back to school, that costs a lot of money, btw, and try to make yourself more competitive. But you’re still competing with younger workers.

And what’s the return on investment for that? Pretty low.


So, let’s talk about how to replace the broken system.

Do you know why most wealthy people don’t even have retirement plans?

Well, first, it’s because they don’t trade time for money.

They utilize systems that leverage time and effort to completely disconnect time from money.

I’m going to pound on this point: Contrary to what you’ve been told, time is not money. Time is time and money is money.

The wealthy invest in businesses that yield much higher returns on investment capital to create cash flow.

They know how to turn on the money faucet.


If you just can't let go of the old model.

If you can't divorce yourself from the savings model, an online business accomplishes all three of the above principles very nicely.

First, it's a fantastic way to come up with the additional income to invest.

Second, it puts you in control and allows you to earn a much higher return on your investment capital. Once you've learned the skills to create leveraged income streams, your business will be self-sustaining and will re-invest it's own profits.

With accelerated investment capital and higher returns, the time to meet your savings goal with dramatically decrease.


Here’s the beauty of the internet and what it means to you and your retirement.

You can learn the skills to turn on the money faucet.

You can leverage systems that work for you when you’re not working.

You can leverage other people’s knowledge to increase your earning potential.


Before we get carried away with all this talk about money, let me say this.

Money may make life easier, but it can’t fix unhappiness or lack of fulfillment.


The greatest aspect of the internet is that it gives anyone the power to build a business and a lifestyle around what they’re passionate about.


I came upon this when I met some kids who were building an online business around their love for travel and videography.

They were literally already living the lifestyle I’d been dreaming of for my retirement all my life. And they were making exceptional money earning affiliate commissions while they were learning how to build this new business.

I got to know them and I found that they were people who shared my values about wanting to give something meaningful to the world, to help people, and do something in life that’s bigger than ourselves. Something truly fulfilling.

I wanted to know more about how the internet could help me build that kind of life and answer my financial needs now and in the future.

One other thing I’d learned over the years was that if you really want to be successful at something then you’ve got to tap into people who’ve been successful at whatever it is you want to do and learn from them.

Those kids introduced me to the two guys who were teaching them how to do what they were doing. These guys had literally helped thousands of people over the years learn how to leverage the internet to create meaningful, purposeful, passionate lives and sustainable incomes online.

I watched a free seven-day video series where those two guys, Stuart and Jay, explained how the internet economy could help me and how I could take the next step in exploring whether investing in an online education might be the right thing for me.

Today, I construct my days as I want them to be. I make time for the things and people I love. I travel, I don’t sell my time for money, and I depend on no one else when it comes to my financial future.

I’m sharing this information with you to offer you a chance to watch that same video series and see if it might help you solve your specific problem.

If you’d like to watch that video series, fill out the signup form.

If you decide it‘s not your thing, then just unsubscribe.

If you decide you want to learn more, then you’ll be told how to take the next step.

Whatever the case, don’t let the sands of time erase your opportunity to live the life you most want to live, today.

If watching a few videos might be the first step toward achieving your most audacious dreams, don’t wait for another day to pass.

Time is precious! We show up in this life with only the unique gifts we’re blessed with and a finite amount of time to experience this magnificent journey. A moment spent on anything but your wildest dreams is a waste.

Be blessed!








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