5 Steps to Prepare for Your New Deal 2021 and a Prosperous Future

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Going back to "normal" requires a "new deal 2021"
Your new deal 2021 is only a month and a few days away to go live. In a couple of weeks, 2020 will be history to remember for a long time. A virus is shaking the world and turning everything upside down.

Talking about a new deal 2021 was a theoretical scenario less than a year ago. Today it's a high-level topic for everyone around the world.

We all read about the new deal program in history books, launched by Franklin D. Roosevelt 86 years ago. "The new Deal" was a radical financial recovery program from the "Great Depression," starting in 1929.

Usually, when a financial crackdown like the depression 90 years ago, it starts with the banks. The entire industry will follow, and society will start suffering. It's like a house of cards.

The same but different

This time it's different. It all starts with a pandemic, and so far, the banks and the industry are not showing any major financial problems. However, the pandemic is an early warning of what to expect next. The new deal 2021 will probably look a bit different.

Yes, companies will be going bankrupt, and yes, there will be massive cuts in employment. Not a single government in the entire world is appropriately prepared to deal with the pandemic. Different solutions and different results are daily news.

The New Deal implemented in the 30ths was a radical recovery system to get all involved economic pieces correctly in place again.

The new deal 2021 requires a somewhat different approach.

Millions of disappearing jobs are positions that never will come back again. The automation and the digital world are taking over at a much higher speed than what would happen without the Coronavirus chaos.

The New Deal, launched by President Roosevelt, aimed to get the wheels rolling again in the financial sector. The new Deal 2021 will focus on getting the world population "digitalized" faster than earlier. Click here and read more