5 Things to do Before You Retire to Live the Life You Want 

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What you decide to do before you retire will have a significant impact on the rest of your life

The things to do before you retire mainly deal with the financial issues when you surf around on the Internet. Everything from monitoring your personal saving to health care insurance can be found when clicking on the correct link.

As these financial and other "boring topics are fully covered by many different experts, this article will deal with the "fun" part. What you need to do before you retire to live a joyful life can be summarized in 5 simple but essential steps.

In my article, "When is it Too Late to Start an Online Business?" published a few weeks ago, you can find some useful advice that fits perfectly in with seniors ready for retirement. Combine the tips in that article with what you will learn in this one, and you will be well prepared for what to do before you retire. 

The truth is that very few really are doing all this as a useful preparation to live the life you deserve as retired.

Three years ago, I did the first in-depth analysis of the retirement topic. It caused a lot of curiosity among my readers. It is a topic that almost no one pays sufficient attention to until retirement is around the corner.

As a continuation of all said so far, here is some advice on what to think about before retirement. It's based on my own experience, both what I did and what I didn't.

Most people think about the financial situation when it's time to mentalize for retirement. Of course, it's an important part. However, money isn't everything in life, and believe me, some issues could be even more crucial for a happy retirement. READ MORE....