Five very bad reasons not to consider digital marketing

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Are you ambitious about your future lifestyle?

Or are you the kind of person to give up at the first fix?

1. I don't have the time

I would not say that you can achieve something interesting about digital marketing spending only one hour a week on the topic. But if you are serious, committed, motivated, you can achieve a lot with ten to 15 hours a week. 

Not enough time? Think a little bit of the time you spend watching tv, mostly movies or series already seen three or four times. Playing video games. Reading newspapers, including articles that you even not consider having an interest to you. Procrastination.

Ok, in some cases, I can imagine that sometimes it's true. That a mother working and leaving as a single with two kids has no time left. But even if there are other examples, this remains an exception.

2. The internet world is to complicate

Sorry! If that was maybe still true 10 or 20 years ago, it's not the case anymore.

You now have a lot of (very often free) tools, explanations, support, articles. There is a whole community ready to help.$

3. I don't have money

How much do you spend on your cigarettes?

Let me ask you another question. What would you do if you had only 100 USD in your pocket? The last 100 USD in your account. Spend carefully buying your daily hamburger until you have no more money?

Why not go to the supermarket buying apples at a low price and trying to sell them, one by one, to people in the street? And then getting back new money to invest again.

Here it's the same. Take it as an investment. You have possibilities to earn while learning by putting into practice what you have been taught.

4. I'm too old now

You can read? You can think? You can write? There is no age limit. I would even say that you have probably a lot of things to teach due to your life experience. 

5. It's too late. Others have already done the job

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

Yes, other smart guys were here before but you know what, you are on the internet, and it's about the entire world. Can you imagine the number of people that you can reach?

We are at the very beginning of digital marketing. It's a kind of a gold rush and everyone can participate. So feel welcome. No regret if you at least try!

Want to go forward?

Just have click here to have a look.

This could change your life.

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