5 Ways to Earn Money Online from the Comfort of your Home.

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There are so many online jobs for people who would prefer working from home if they know where to look. It is, however, difficult to find them for those who do not because the internet has so many stories about buying books and DVD to help you figure this out. This article talks about five legitimate ways you can make money online from the comfort of your home. The options below would not make you a millionaire, but will sure give you something extra in addition to whatever you already earn.

Whether you are a life coach, a fitness coach, financial advisor or a therapist, you can help someone achieve their dreams or overcome a challenge with nothing other than social media. With Facebook group pages, Blackberry channels or even Whatsapp groups, you can give valuable information for free. If your clients see that you know what you are doing, then they can ask for more. This you can provide online through Skype or via emails. Online coaching if properly managed can be grown into a very lucrative business.

Affiliate Marketing
This is advertising other peoples product on your blog or website for an agreed commission. If you have a massive fan or followers pool on social media, then you should take advantage of affiliate marketing. The trick is to provide relevant information on your blog or website and not just spam links on your followers. To become an affiliate associate of any company, you need to register with them and get a link that will save cookie the website of any visitors through your page. An example is Amazon. When such visitors make purchases on that site, you get a commission for this. This is one of the passive ways to make money online.

Online Business
The internet has eliminated the necessity of having a physical shop. If you make crafts, sew, bake or have other products and services to offer, you can do it over the internet. All that is required is for you to get a website, buy a virtual shop on a popular site or use social media to advertise and sell your product. You can even outsource deliveries, to enable you to work 100% from home. Make sure you talk about your products on your social media account. You can use Pinterest and Instagram, especially for this purpose.

Freelance Writing
If you love writing, you can make extra cash as a freelance writer. So many people and companies are looking to outsource their writing to others. It could be a blog post, web content, adverts, newspaper articles and even reviews. You could join the Yahoo contributor network and get paid to write blog articles. You can also start your blog and write whatever you want. If your blog becomes popular and attracts enough traffic, you could get paid. Companies may even pay you to advertise their products on your blog, and there is the option of affiliate marketing.

Online Surveys
In other to get data, various sites use an online survey to get information on demography, market and so on. Some of these sites pay money for these survey. You can fill out surveys all day and get paid for it. Ensure registration is free before you commence.

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