The beauty of choice and time freedom

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What a fantastic start to the day! I got up at 6am to find a heavy snowfall had dropped in the early hours of the morning, so I did what anyone who doesn't work a 9-5 (more like 7am to 7pm) job would do, I got my gear on and went for a walk to the beach in the snow. It was awesome, I laid down the first steps in the freshly laid snow and it was still falling heavy. 

When I Snow fall and the beauty of choice and time freedomgot to the beach I couldn't help but reflect on the beauty of my time freedom. 

  • To be able to choose to take a walk and not be forced to scrape my windscreen, climb in a car/van and risk my life getting to work in bad weather.
  • To feel the elements and not be caged in a box. 
  • To not have to rush and be able to take in the air and sun rise.

Then when I got back home I felt like making a huge snowman, so I did and I loved it. 

Snowman and the beauty of choice and time freedom to be able to build this for my kids.

Then I chose to walk with my wife and kids to school for a change and play snowballs with them. I had an awesome time. 

All these thing that I could have missed and didn't. I wish i'd figured this out years ago. 

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