#Digital Marketing: 6 Things I Have Learned, 2 of 6

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Digital Marketing:  6 Things I Have Learned, 2 of 6

When?  There is no other answer but now.

The digital age is here, everywhere.  If we want to know something or learn something or do something or find something or buy something or sometimes even feel something we go online. The days of reading a book or going to the library to do research might well be behind us.  I love to read, and technology will never be able to take the place of the feeling of holding a great book on fine paper, but that may soon be something our children and grandchildren will not remember experiencing.  

We cannot deny there will be no going back from here.  If we want to communicate, explain, teach, show, sell or somehow provide value to the world, we must learn to do it online in some form.  We must learn to market ourselves, our products, our value either with written, verbal, non-verbal, or visual communication.

I cannot remember a time in my entire life when I felt the world needed to find value, express value, and feel valued more than today, right now.  

We are searching for it, longing for it, aching for it. How awesome it could be to help provide it (or perhaps even find it) and be part of what the world is yearning for and needs desperately.  

Learning opportunities are at your fingertips, within your reach, any time of the day or night.  There are countless resources and absolutely wonderful communities of people that will help you and mentor you. You can be surrounded by like-minded people that have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you.  You can learn from anywhere, at your own pace--leaps and bounds or one step at a time.  

It can be affordable.  Do you have more time than money?  There are ways you can learn to do this at minimal cost or as your budget allows.  Do you have more money than time?  There are people that for a living do what you need to have done.

There will always be a reason to put it off but there are many more reasons to take that step--whether it be a small step or a leap.   

For me, it has been small steps, sometimes very small, and sometimes leaps when it should have been small steps.  Sometimes two steps back, one step forward!  When I began this journey, I knew I wanted to work at home and I knew it would be something online. That's it!  Everything else has been one step at a time and a lot of backward steps.  I have tried in this series to talk about a lot of the mistakes I have made in hopes that someone will learn from them. Not only were the steps wrong but the order of the steps was wrong. I chose when before I even knew why. Because I didn't know the why I retraced a lot of steps because I headed various times in the wrong direction.  The why gave me clarity, which then justified the when.

Next, in the series 3 of 6, I will be writing about the what.  I no longer think of this in terms of what I am going to do.  I'll explain. 

Until then, please look upward for the courage and strength to lift your wings. Let's learn to fly! It is most definitely time.



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