#Digital Marketing: 6 Things I Have Learned, 3 of 6

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Digital Marketing:  6 Things I Have Learned, 3 of 6


The possibilities are endless!


Oh, my, this is the best part!  Anywhere, everywhere, at home, on a trip, with the kids, while taking care of an elderly parent, even on a walk or at the beach.  You could be with your family, your friends, or the love of your life!

In my previous blog, 1 of 6, I wrote about writing down ideas that would begin your wheels turning and the excitement bubbling as you thought about the possibilities.  In this post, I would ask that you begin to write down where, in what situation, you could see yourself doing your work.

With your why information in hand, begin to think about the following and write down your thoughts:

What types of communication would best be suited to your why?

  • Written communication?
    • Where?
  • Verbal communication?
    • Where?
  • Non-verbal communication? (Sending and receiving wordless clues.  It includes the use of visual cues such as body language (kinesics), distance (proxemics) and physical environments, appearance, of voice (paralanguage) and of touch (haptics).
    • Where?
  • Visual communication?
    • Where?

Think about the practical and the impractical spaces and places that would be interesting to explore and new ideas will begin to come to you.  Write them down!

But is where always a place you can pin on a map?

My hope is--as you go through this series and you are writing down your thoughts and ideas based on the 5Ws and the question of how--that you are beginning to develop some clarity.  The direction you want to take your digital life based on the value that you can provide to the world.

How cannot be determined if the questions of why and when and where and what and who have not first been considered?  Looking back, I realize this was a perfect example of putting the cart in front of the horse and one of the main reasons I have spent money, time, and energy to come full circle. I could not see or get far enough into the tunnel to find the light until I had spent some time answering these questions and digging deep and being truly honest with myself about the answers.  


One of the biggest mistakes that I now realize I made was asking how and searching for the way that I can make this work right out of the gate.  As if that were the sole objective, period.  I realize now that if that was the only objective then wouldn't I be doing just what I had always done?  Working for the paycheck with no personal gratification, and wouldn't I end up the same way again in a situation where I am thinking there has to be a better way?  I, again, was looking for a job and paycheck and not thinking about what was really important and what would truly bring happiness, peace, and balance to my life. 

Be your own travel guide

I am learning that it is from within that we begin.  Once we begin from within to search the reason for being unsettled at work, wondering what other direction we could be going, always wondering what if, or why we always yearn for something else, a whole new world starts to open up to us.  We must think about the value we can provide to others, not the value they can provide to us. That's when change begins.  That's where change can begin for you and where it began for me.  

It takes all of us, in our awesome uniqueness and diversity, to come together and create the world and life that we want to see. Where will you begin?  Perhaps it is not a place you can vacation but within your heart.  That travel begins with you.  Let that be your guide.  Please spend some time seriously considering this because when your heart opens up to the possibilities and you allow it to guide you, wings begin to form.  You can almost feel the tickling of the little bitty feathers as they are popping out!

Next week, in series 4 of 6, I will write about the question of what? Until then, please look upward for the courage and strength to lift your wings.  Let's learn to fly!



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