#Digital Marketing: 6 Things I Have Learned, 4 of 6

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Digital Marketing:  6 Things I Have Learned, 4 of 6.

What?  This will evolve but only if you begin.

For me, this was so difficult.  I have an interest in various things and there is passion begin several of them.  How in the world do you choose?  

I have learned that the single most important thing about this decision is not what to do but what should you do that will provide value to others?  This must be the priority.  

Not to say that you know what value is when you begin.  But if you strive to provide it, you will learn. Without others on board, you are in this alone so what would be the point?  If no one sees value in what you are offering why would someone want it or listen to it or buy it?  There is a lot of stuff out there but does it really have any value to others?  I got involved in several different kinds of business opportunities, or what I thought were opportunities, just to realize that no one wanted anything I was offering for one reason or another.  

So of the things that provide value, which one do you choose?  Just pick the best one!

As I was researching this, the main point was always to just pick one.  Not three, not two, but one. So that means not trying to fit several things into a group to make one but really just pick one.  One niche.  The steps 1 - 3 in this series helped me do that very thing and my hope is that it will help you also.

Okay, I picked my one thing.  I know what my niche will be but...

For example, for me, my background is in supply chain not marketing.  However, I want my future focus to be helping people, making a difference, giving back, changing, not focusing on things.  I just really don't care about things anymore.  I am technologically challenged and online marketing is technical.  I am camera shy.  Will I need to do videos?  

So, I spent money, time, and energy trying to resolve those hurdles just to come full circle, again, to realize they are not hurdles but steps.  Like learning anything new, a job, a new task, there are things you just have to learn and you will need to educate yourself.  Everyone will have different strengths and weaknesses but some training will probably be necessary.  Jump in.   Just begin.  Just take the step.  It gets easier and better as you learn and build confidence.

My best advice is to first and foremost find a mentor, a group, that is in your niche that can advise you and direct you when you get stuck.  I remember saying to my mentors, I feel like I am at a cliff and I need a bridge to the other side. I was provided with the material and direction to build my bridge.  Meaning that piece by piece, board by board, information by information, step by step, I had my bridge.  I learned to build my bridge and feel like I am now on the other side of that cliff. And I did not reach the other side because someone built the bridge but instead the bridge was built by my work, step by step, with help and support from knowledgeable, like-minded people.  When I get to the next cliff, I will know how to begin to build my bridge to the other side.  

Take the time to find the right support group for the direction you want to go.  Try to test it out to see if you are comfortable and feel you are getting good support and direction.  In my opinion, this is your best first step.  Find a group that cares about your success not just their own.

Realize that your goals will change, new ideas will come to you, and be flexible.

Okay, so you have built your bridge.  You have accomplished that task. You are on the other side. As you begin to walk, there are roads, going different directions.  Your mind is so confused about which road to take.  Now what?

Embrace those changes.  I began to realize that when I overcame an obstacle I felt more confident, suddenly excited about learning something new and therefore I was not so hesitant to move forward. As I became less hesitant, I found myself thinking what if?  What if I could do this, or try this, or this would work, or if this and this became this other thing.  Then, more excitement, more hope, more possibility, more action, more progress.  Success has to be next, right?  I believe it does. 

Go with it.  Don't look back.  Take a step and don't question everything.  You don't have to know everything right now.  You will learn.  This is not all set in stone and you will evolve and try different things as you learn.  For now, just pick something, the best something that adds value.  Then begin, take the step, get assistance from your mentor, trust yourself, and enjoy the opportunity to make a difference in other people's lives.  You will find, as I have, that at the end of the day, it makes the most difference in your own life. You will begin to feel that perhaps it indeed might be possible to grow or mend those wings!

Next, in the series 5 of 6, I will be writing about the who?  I had no idea this was so important.  

Until then, please look upward for the courage and strength to lift your wings. Let's learn to fly! I have a feeling it will be awesome up there!


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