#Digital Marketing: 6 Things I Have Learned, 5 of 6

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Digital Marketing: 6 Things I Have Learned, 5 of 6

Who?  I didn't think it mattered but I have learned it really matters!

In the previous series, 4 of 6, I touched on the who just a bit.  I would like to expand on that in this post.  I didn't realize initially how important the question of who was in the beginning.  I thought what difference does it make?  Anybody!  Everybody!   

But my journey has led me to realize that this is one of the most important questions.  Because if you are trying to build your list, which you are--you must--then how are you going to do it with people that do not even care about, or have an interest in, or want to learn about, or have a passion for what you are communicating to them?  They are not going to sign up, they are not going to read, they are not going to buy.  

Lots of traffic means nothing if they don't click.

So suddenly everyone and anyone doesn't make much sense because they won't click to read further. So instead you need to think about who will care, who will be interested, who will want to learn, or who does have that passion?  Who will you fight for, work for, help, provide products to or for? Who will truly be interested in what you are offering?  Who are the like-minded people who will enjoy, need, want, and find value in what you are providing?

They, then, will be your who.  You want them to open your door and enjoy the visit!  And come back again and again.  If they are not interested, they will not read, will not click, will not value, will not buy.  Will not come back to visit! 


Who is your avatar?

Your avatar is your perfect prospect.  So who are your perfect and ideal prospects?  Gardeners or plant lovers?  Are they chefs, home cooks?  Are they entrepreneurs and people that want to work from home or choose their own way?  Or are they retirees that need extra income or something to do?  Or are they decorators or tiny house builders?  Are they unemployed or people that like to travel? Are they wood workers or moms or teens or dog lovers or tech wizards?  

Try to go online and do some research and understand who the people are that would be interested in what you have to offer.  Know your audience.  Know your avatar.  This will be a key question that will need to be answered very soon as you move forward.

Remember the quote, "birds of a feather, flock together".  You must know your flock because as it applies to people, it means they will spend time together.  You want them to spend some of that time with you on your site.

As I am nearing the end of this series, my hope is that you are beginning to develop some ideas and a plan for your future digital life.  There is so much possibility to make a difference in this world if we remain dedicated, positive, and persevere.  

Thank you for continuing to share this journey with me. Together we can grow our wings.

Next week, in series 6 of 6, I will be writing about the how.  Until then, please look upward for the courage and strength to lift your wings.  Together, with our flock, we can fly.



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