Retirement getting closer?

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Retirement getting closer

Ok, so maybe you are wondering why l talking about retirement. The thing is it creeps up on you before you know it. Myself, l just can't believe it is almost here. Next thing l realise is, I'm not prepared for this. With two small pensions and the state pension, it won't be easy to live the retirement lifestyle l would truly like.

Retirement list

The perfect way to enjoy my retirement. Freedom to spend time with my family and friends, freedom to enjoy my hobbies. I enjoy walking, reading, like going to the theatre, would love to travel more heading for the sun, working less which means no more twelve-hour shifts. Challenges, which at the moment is just getting up in the morning. Starting a New Business, which is also a new challenge. At my time of life? surely it's a bit late for that, what could l possibly do? l have been looking after people all my working life, how can l do anything else? Is it possible? YES, it is.

My new beginning

At the beginning of the year, l decided, after a very long time working as a carer, it was time for me to make some changes. By putting New Business first, will give me the freedom to enjoy time with my family, travel, find that sunshine and embrace new challenges. So, l searched online to see how l could improve my life. I wasn't really sure what l was looking for at first, l searched various sites and ended up on Youtube. That is where l found Six Figure Mentors. By clicking the button and leaving my name and email address opened up an opportunity to prepare for my up and coming retirement.

Free Trial

That appeals to me, plus money back guarantee if l felt it wasn't for me. After watching some very inspiring videos, my mind was made up and l registered for an education for my online business. To be perfectly honest l wasn't really sure what l was doing at first and l am certainly not really computer literate, getting by was about it, anything technical, well, it is a new world for me and l am enjoying learning, listening and being inspired. There is a whole community of people with knowledge, patience and a whole lot more, just waiting to help you improve your lifestyle.

Make your Retirement exciting 

Six Figure Mentors are not miracle workers, they have all been where l am now. They educate people into believing in themselves and not let fear stand in their way. There have been times when l have said l can't do this, instead of saying l can't do this YET. Be inspired. Don't sit on the fence for too long. Believe in yourself and enjoy your Retirement. 

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