How my worst nightmare changed my life

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I worked for a large corporate company for just under 10 years as a Senior Account Manager, I was based at home and visited customers all over Scotland.  It was a very stressful job, and I travelled a lot, however the money was excellent and the bonus structure reflected my hard work.  I believed that if you have a good salary there has to be a downside, you get nothing for nothing in this life, so I put up with lack of time I had to spend with family and friends, the waking up at 3 in the morning with that churning in the stomach and tried to deal with the corporate mentality.  It wasn’t easy but I thought at that time it was worth it.

Things Changed Dramatically

However in the last couple of years, the amount of restructuring, target increases, and pressure were beginning to take its toll on my health and happiness.  My role was then made redundant, I was put into redeployment and after several months of doing very boring “projects”, as there were no suitable jobs in Scotland,  I was seconded into a 6 months role.

This was an outbound telesales role, in a call centre selling telecoms products.  My background was advertising, and I was field sales. I am sure there was logic there somewhere but I’ve yet to find it!  I have always worked in the field and mostly was left to my own devices to get on with the job. So for me working in a call centre, making outbound calls about products, I knew very little about and had absolutely no interest in, was my worst nightmare.  However I didn't have much choice.

The Commute

I decided that as I had to work in the city I would take the train,  I never once got a seat, we were all packed in like sardines and by the time I reached the office, I was either soaked or frozen or both, it was winter time. 

I looked around me at all the unhappy looking people, I had only being doing this commute for a couple of months, how on earth did they do it day in day out?

So then I decided just to take the car, and I joined the thousands of others who sat on the motorway tailed back morning and night.  If I didn’t get there at exactly the right time, I couldn’t get a parking space.

I Was Living My Nightmare

The days were the longest I’ve ever known, I’d look at my watch and it had only been 10 minutes since I last looked. Nobody spoke to one another, the noise was horrendous with all these people on the phones at one time.  I was locked in a huge glass cubicle for hours on end and I remember looking out of the window, and wishing I could get out. I felt like a caged animal. It was horrendous for me.

I came home one day, feeling really stressed and miserable and as I came up to my front door, my foot caught on one of the grasses from a large plant in the front garden and I tripped, I went flying and all I remember was the brick wall that I was heading for at an alarming rate.  I remember thinking, at worst this is really going to hurt.

I was lucky and the blow was only slight, the thought of what could have happened terrified me.

I picked myself up feeling quite stunned and that was the moment I thought  - I quit.  That was my wakeup call. I’d had enough they could have paid me 3 times what I was earning and it wouldn’t have been worth it.  What is the point in having a well-paid job if its making you ill and you have no time or energy to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Whilst I was relieved at my decision, I’ll be honest. I was terrified.

My brain was telling me that I shouldn’t be doing it, because its’ well paid, its security and I should be thankful that I have a job.  My heart was telling me it was absolutely the right thing to do. I was stressed, miserable, not sleeping and I knew there had to be more to life.

I had my redundancy which I knew wasn’t going to last forever, but it enabled me to take some time to figure out what I wanted to do.  You don’t realize how fuddled your brain is when you’re stressed. You can’t think straight and it makes you so negative. 

I Knew There Had To Be More To Life And I Found It

That’s when I came across Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, two very successful online entrepreneurs. Through their company The SFM (Six Figure Mentors) they have taught me not only how to build a successful online marketing business but with their self-development training, how to live life without stress, guilt and fear, and how to stop beating yourself up,  (all the things that are programmed into us by society at a very young age). You have no idea how good it is not to be stressed out and to be able to do something worthwhile and enjoyable.

While having a well-paid job may seem like a great thing to have, if you are not happy doing it, it’s not woth it.  You can't put a price on your time or health.


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