How to Stop Working So Much and Enjoy Life

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If there is ever a good time to figure out how to stop working so much and enjoy life, NOW is the best time!

undefinedHuman beings work entirely way too much. Some putting in anywhere close to 10 to 12 hours per day on average. For the busy worker bees they work an even crazier amount of hours. Clocking in at 6am and getting off around 8 o'clock at night, barely experiencing the sunlight. 

Trading time for money is the accepted culture today. We praise and honor people with two to three jobs, that work ridiculous amount of hours as if it's a cool thing to work like a slave.

We seem to mistake activity for productivity way too often. However, productivity is not the result of excessive work. Efficient and effective production occurs when people are motivated, attentive, enthusiastic, and have the energy to produce.

Working too much causes fatigue, a shortened attention span, disinterest and demotivation. The human attention span on average lasts no longer than 8 seconds before one becomes distracted by something else. Imagine how challenging it must be trying to stay focused for hours at a time.

Excessive amount of hours working goes completely against the human nature. I, myself, even find it pretty challenging to concentrate on a task for more than two hours before I become bored. I experience productivity in spurts. The rest of my time is spent engaging in pointless activity; just killing time. 

So, how to stop working so much and enjoy life is the question?

For me it's simple. I turn off or step away from my laptop. Running my own digitial lifestyle business can become cumbersome some days. But the great thing about it is that I don't have to work as much as I did when I was an employee. I could work 3 hours a day and earn money while I sleep. Which is the reason why I built an online business to begin with.  

Below is a video of me sharing what I do to enjoy life and keep from burning out. This was the 5th day of my commitment to doing 90 days worth of video marketing about my journey to freedom!

Respect your humanity. Stop working so much! 

Take Care,

Justice Earth xoxo