Install Success In Your Mind

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In the ocean of mind one is immerse in wrong things to become successful yet make no progress, majority have burn time and money doing the wrong things. In his book 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill, he offers some steps that need to be followed to be successfully rich.

Think To Become Money Conscious
Riches begin with the state of the mind. We live in a world where everyone has the ability to think and create thoughts; everything that a person has ever created started with a thought. To acquire riches in great abundance we must be filled with great desire for riches, this desire must be so great that we become what Napoleon referred to as being ‘money-conscious’.

When we become money conscious, we begin to create plans to acquire these riches. Riches in this manner can be in form of wealth, happiness, business success or healthy relationship amongst others.

Thoughts Become Tangible Things
You are what you think. If you think rich, you will be rich, if you think failure, you will fail. Henry Ford made a profound statement “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right”, Henry Ford is one of the wealthiest individual who Napoleon Hill met and studied. We must be very careful about what we think because thoughts become things. If our thoughts become our reality, then we will start paying more attention to what we think. Napoleon Hill emphasized on this in his book. He stated that if we do not control our thoughts we can never be successful. We must control our thoughts to create the things we want in life and by doing this, we control our fate.

Create A Burning Desire To Acquire One Major Definite Purpose
According to Napoleon Hill, we need two things to control our mind. These are: A major definite purpose and a BURNING DESIRE to acquire that major definite purpose.

Each person has different definite purposes. It can be getting a land, losing weight or getting a new car. This definite purpose is what we use to keep the mind busy and the burning desire is required to achieve that definite purpose.

It is important to note the words as used by Napoleon. He mentioned ONE major definite purpose. He didn’t mention two or three purposes. That is, ONE major thing that you want to accomplish. This is important as we get to focus on that ONE important thing and we can use all our power, our energy to accomplish it.

Also, he mentioned that the purpose must be DEFINITE. This means that we must know exactly what we want. If you want to buy a car, it is not enough to say you want to buy a car, you must know the type of car, the brand, the color. We must clearly define what we want. Our aim must be DEFINITE so that God can help us to achieve it.

Napoleon mentioned having a definite purpose repeatedly throughout the book. This suggests that our aim or goal must dominate our mind so much that it becomes an obsession until we are able to achieve it. Then we must have faith and visualize that we can achieve whatever we want to achieve.

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