Is it T.I.M.E. to Learn Marketing Terms?

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Are marketing terms confusing or new to you?

They are for many of us.  

Is it T.I.M.E. to begin to learn them?  

I would like to introduce Terms In Marketing Enlightened (T.I.M.E.).  I will be posting a new marketing term once or twice a week so you can begin to understand what all of these terms mean that are new to you or that you have heard zillions of times but do not know the definition.  That way you will be up on the marketing lingo and it will help you move along in your online business with a better understanding of what is being conveyed.

Here is the first one:


If you would like to be on a list to get these terms sent to you via text or email, please send your name, text number or email address with the words, YES, IT IS DEFINITELY T.I.M.E. in the subject line using the comment section below.  Thank you.

See you next T.I.ME.

Rene Box

Virtually Supportive, LLC



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