How To Get Unstuck With Your Online Project


I have a confession to make. Right at this very moment I am privileged to have access to a fully staffed virtual office I can tap into at any time, business resources that consist of hundreds of online courses at my fingertips, live webinars and trainings PLUS  all the support and training necessary to successfully achieve my goals - right? All there. Readily available. There isn't ANYTHING I can't get help with or be mentored through to take my online business to the next step, and just 'next level'.

Before I get to my confession - let me first ask you this:

Have you ever been in that space where, after tentatively experimenting with creating a presence online with your very own Blog, or eBook, or product, that, no sooner have you started, you find yourself with a laptop that sits on your desk untouched for several days. Even though you know EXACTLY what you need to do next - you don’t do it?  The cursor blinks at you. Instead of a screen filled with ideas and colours and content and steps and strategies - you stare at a blank screen instead.

How to get unstuck with your online business

Here is my confession: I have found myself precisely at this very stage DESPITE the availability of on-tap support and guidance to crush this. I know right! I can hear you yelling "what's your problem!! You have no excuse."

I mean - isn't it completely logical to assume that once we figure out the 'how' of making a dream become a reality, things will align pretty quickly right?? It will all come together perfectly, the Blog posts will immediately start getting likes and comments and shares and my mailing list will ascend to dizzying heights of growth each day. Makes sense right!! Sure it makes sense - but it's not realistic. Why? Because the heart has to lead the head first.

We can 'know' stuff and 'know' what needs to happen next for sure. But what is moving us? What is driving us? What's inspiring us to do all this? What is this problem that is blocking the progress? I gotcha covered! I know exactly what the problem is and I know exactly how to solve it. I know - because I just revisited it for myself so I KNEW that I knew that I just HAD to tell you about it too. Why? Because you need to see this for yourself especially if you are also feeling somewhat stuck.

The Scenario And The Solution

The Scenario: You have started a project, perhaps a couple, but you have run out of steam. You most likely spent money to buy a course to teach you how to get this up and running. You have all the information you need to crush this….but it’s sitting on the shelf. The Problem: You have run out of fuel so you are running on empty. There is a little voice circling around “here we go again - another failed attempt at cracking the online business game…..” The Solution: You need to pull in to a gas station (which is code for - “take about 15 minutes out of your day”) and refuel! The Fuel: Here is what you need to do. Where do you store your photo’s?? On your phone? No worries - go into your  Gallery on your phone. On your computer? Turn on your computer, get those photo files open. In a physical photo album (remember those!) - drag them out - and set them on the table. Look at the pictures of those you care about, those moments you shared together, the feelings you experienced within those moments.

The Fuel That You Need Is Your "Why”.

The fuel that you need is your “why”. How was I reminded of this amazing gem of a truth? Recently, as I sat at the dinner table after everyone had left, I was having a moment of scrolling through photos of when I took my daughter to America a few months ago. (Read all about that on my Travel Page). It was one of those circumstances where the opportunity to do this trip was unlikely to come again anytime soon. She was going to be leaving home to begin her studies.

I love what “The Hostel Geeks” once wrote: “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”. I looked at the photos and the memories that flowed, and as I re-watched the random videos, I was touched again with such gratitude how the two of us got to share experiences like these together. Then it came flooding back to me! I want to have experiences like this with my son too! I want to take him to Thailand to visit an Orphanage in Chiang Rai we have supported for many, many years. I want to see him play with the kids and experience an entirely different part of the world and of life. My other daughter would love to go to Hawaii and my husband would love to travel all over Texas.

For crying out loud it's the reason why I jumped on board with my travel club too - who are literally in the business of making dreams like these come true!! I reminded myself that I don’t want any of my kids to have to face years of debt just because they wanted to go to University and pursue their passion in their chosen field. I reminded myself that I want to make a difference and… simple as this sounds…..I just want to do MORE to help others. I remembered that I want to be a role model for my kids that when they see me step-by-step, month-by-month building MY online story, and changing OUR financial future in the process - that they believe too that anything truly is possible because of this digital economy that exists all around us.  

This all circled back to what led me to become a member of the Six Figure Mentors community too.

Using Spare Time While Working Full Time

My family is my ‘why’ that will kick me out of bed before the birds start, just so I can work on the next task for my online business before I go to my day-job. Don't get me wrong - I do love my day-job by the way. I really enjoy it. The work is rewarding and my team are fantastic. We’ve been through a lot of "organisational change" and we are seeing some great progress. However, it is not part of my long term plan and so THIS is what I do - I use my spare time while working full time towards the goal of designing a life that is lived on my own terms (as far as it is possible for me to influence). Here is a bucket-of-cold-water dose of perspective. The retirement age is going to get pushed to 70 by 2035. What?? Uggh.

This is what I have decided now: I refuse to be dependent on a pension. I am confident that applying myself with more diligence than most for the next three to five years will position me for a lifestyle that many only dream of.  By starting NOW - and if YOU dust yourself off and pick up your vision again - we absolutely can create a life that is lived on our terms, and not be constrained by the restrictions of a pension. That is truly the kind of legacy I want to leave for my children. How about you?

Take The First Step To Dream BIG

I went through the following process myself as a member of the Six Figure Mentors community. I was really taken aback at how quickly the sights and sounds came to me as I wrote down my ideal day!! It was as if a part of me was saying “finally…..she is actually beginning to believe what is possible and is starting to see what is here for her!” I can still see the room I described for my “Ideal Day” that I pictured myself waking up in. I can still smell the fresh pine fragrance of the nearby forest as it dances through my open window!! Sigh.

Break out your journal or notebook and write down in descriptive detail your responses to the following:

Describe your ideal day: how have you spent your day? Who have you spent it with? What did you do in the morning, during the day, and then in the evening?

Describe your ideal week: What have you accomplished in your ideal week? How does it feel? What does your schedule look like? How did you spend your recreational time?

Describe your ideal life 90 days from today: what does an ideal month feel like? What did you do and who with? Get descriptive about what your social life was like, you income, reaching some of the goals you set for yourself. Now write your responses. Be as detailed and descriptive as you can. Don’t hold back. Journal it. Put pictures in there. Make it visual. Describe the sounds you are hearing. Describe the emotions you are feeling, the colours you are seeing and the textures you are feeling.

These moments that you are seeing is your “why”. It is the fuel to the engine of your dream. You need to make time every morning to fill up your tank. It is simply a skill to learn. In the same way a person learns how to play the piano by practice - we can learn how to keep our tank fuel so that our dreams don't get left and abandoned on the side of the road. 

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