How To Start an Online Business WITHOUT Being an Industry Expert

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 A common misconception amongst so many people who dream of starting a business on the internet, is that they have to be a revered "expert" in the space and a have "credentials" as long as their arm.

 Before I explain why this is monumentally stupid, I want you to think about something.

 Most advice on the internet and books has to have come from somewhere, right? Right. So you'd most likely agree that 95% of information is recycled somewhere along the line too, meaning there's very little "original" content left.

 Well if that's the case, then many of the top guru's in pretty much any industry are merely reciting stuff they've heard from another source, and maybe putting their own twist on it or giving their own opinions on the content itself.

 Many industry experts freely admit this, and there's absolultely nothing wrong with it.

 Yeah sure, the experts will have vast experience with testing different theories, but once you find something that works, usually it carries on working, especially if it's tried and true over a number of years and back by scientific research.

 So, if this is the case, what's there to stop you mastering a particular subject, testing theories yourself, and presenting it to a carefully selected target audience whilst charging a price commensurate to the value you're providing.

 The answer?



 And this comes back round to the idea that you already need to be a RENOWNED expert with "credentials", and why it's completely flawed.

 For example, if you were a language teacher and wanted to start an online business teaching linguistics, and let's say for sake of argument it can be done in 10 different phases, right?

 So, if you're a brand new language teacher and haven't had any experience teaching people before, and you're not recognised in your industry but you're wholly proficient in communicating these 10 phases to people, guiding them to their end goal of learning another language...

 What's to say you can't compete with someone who's done it for 10 or 15 years?

 If you get the same end result regardless, what's to say you can't just start you business, charge the same or even more than the industry norm, and create a pretty decent life for yourself?

 There's absolutely no reason you can't!

 The determining factor is merely in your head, and it comes down to whether or not you've got the confidence in yourself and your abilities to get people results. In other words, it's a mindset thing.

 (Although I hate the word mindset, conjures up too many thoughts of happy clappy life coaches and woo.. anyway, I digress)

 Unfortunately when it comes to confidence in yourself and your abilities, it requires an element of fake it until you make it. 

 I'm not saying you pretend to be someone you're not, but if you KNOW you're good at something, act like it, regardless of whether you feel like it or not. Eventually you'll cultivate an unwavering belief in what you do, and eventually your audience will believe it too.

 "This is all very well, but how can I get other people to percieve me as an expert?"

 Well you see, this is the easier part in my humble opinion, because it all comes down to self positioning.

 Let me explain.

 No matter how good you believe your skills to be, people won't take you seriously at first. But one of the best ways of gaining instant "expert status" in your industry, is by writing a book on a subject within your industry.

 For example, I wrote a book for my Physiotherapist consulting company a while back. It wasn't anything big or groundbreaking, but it covered the 5 steps needed to attract more compliant patients into their practice.

 Straight away, I became an author.

 The book itself was only 35,000 words, which believe me is not particularly long and it took about 6 weeks to write (editing was a bitch, but I paid someone to help in the end).

 The beauty of becoming an author is you gain a certain respect that you otherwise wouldn't command. You instantly become an authority on your subject.

 A lot of people assume you have to get a book deal from a company, and then sell a tonne of copies to make the whole thing worth. In this case however, it isn't true, in fact you're not even gonna sell the damn thing.

 You're gonna give it away.

 Yeah, that's right, absolutely free. Although you will charge shipping costs so you break even.

 What's the point in all this? Surely you want to make money from your work?

 The thing is you WILL make money, but instead you'll make it on the back end selling other products and services.

 Your book is nothing more than an authority piece, and a way to attract people into your business who you're then able to market to on a consistent basis.

 Pretty cool eh?

 Now of course I've simplified the process quite a bit here, but nonetheless, even with various moving parts and processes to follow, it's pretty damn easy.

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 - Joe

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