The Magnificent In-Between Space

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That Magnificent In-Between Space

How can you write the book you’ve been wanting to write? How can you go back to school when you ‘re working full time? How do you get it all done when you’re a single mom, and you’ve got limited resources of support? How can anyone create and grow a business while still working a 40 plus hour work week schedule?  A few months ago, I had someone tell me “you should write a book about how you get it all done.” I thought about the comment and honestly had the same question for myself. I really didn’t think I really was getting it all done. There was a level of frustration I felt because I knew where I wanted to be and wanted so desperately to get there.  How can I do this? A question I often ask myself.  It is so interesting when feel like you’re struggling that someone can have a completely different perspective of where you are. It’s very interesting in deed. I can give my philosophical perspectives on why it presents that way but quite honestly your perspective of where you are now is the only one that matters in this moment. It matters because it will either help you, or it can hinder you in navigating in what I call that magnificent in-between space. The in-between space of where you are right now, and that place you see, desire and are purposed to be.

Let me clarify the details of what I call the Magnificent in-between space:

It is the vision for your life that you can articulate. It is not exactly an in-between space unless the place you are going to, and desire to be is clearly conceived. If you cannot define or articulate where it is you are going you may be misplaced.  Being lost or having that feeling of being misplaced is not entirely a bad thing. You may embark on the best adventure of your lifetime but there’s no guarantees that will happen. It is important to have the awareness that you are misplaced so you know that at a certain point you’d have to seek out redirection, or support to get you on course to where you decide that you need or want to be.

The in-between space is a place of commitment to endure the process to realize the vision. It is not an in-between space if you ‘ve not considered what it will cost you before you step-out. It may likely be a try, or a stumble upon instead. We’ve all had a try at something or a stumble into something. Whatever it was you tried or stumble into, somewhere in your mind you had your reservations. You may have decided that it may not be a continued focus, and you’ll wait to see what happens.  It is important to note that a try should not be devalued as it is pregnant with the potential of igniting a commitment. However, it is a possibility which offers options and not a marriage to the attempt.

The in-between space is a place you’ve chosen to be, and it was not a state forced upon you. It is not an in-between space when you are in a space where you feel obligated to fulfill an expectation of another.  I know this space very well and when I lived in it I had no idea what it was.  For many years I felt restless even after all my achievements. I remember, nights and days, struggling with thoughts and questions about what I was truly called to do. It may be surprising to some, but I didn’t think I had the privilege to want anything else but a good formal education because after all my parents did not have this opportunity. It would be dishonoring (I believed) to live beyond what I thought they expected of me. Living in a space where you are driven by obligation to an expectation of another is a surrendering of your own unique-value, and a surrendering of your divine God given purpose.

So, knowing this magnificent in—between space will help answer the questions I posed at the top of my post. How do we accomplish what we purpose to do despite the opposition? When we’ve lived in other spaces that we never want to return to and have been given the vision of where we belong there are no other options. It honestly overwhelms me to look at the enormity of the journey.  I don’t consider myself as being more capable than another in managing the experience we call life. Sometime the tears come, and I have a cry out session, pray through it, and then I move on to being brave. Forgoing the time line of when I believe I should leave that in-between space I grace through the magnificent in- between one moment at a time.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Yonette Belinda

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