What Does Success Mean To You And What Defines It?

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What does success mean to you and how do you define it?

Do you feel you have reached success in your life?

We all have our own perspective and definition of what success is about, but do we know what is really means?

Is success just monetary? a stereotypical lifestyle we see of celebrities in showbiz living abundantly who may be traveling around the world in private jets, living in million dollar mansions, driving round in Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Is it just about the material (tangible) things in life that we possess that makes us SUCCESSFUL?

The problem is most people don’t really know what success is about so they find it difficult knowing where to look for it.

What Does Success Mean To You And What Defines It?

I came across an old tape recording on YouTube in 2016 when I started to study into personal growth and development. I have listened to this tape over 200 times and continue listening to it again and again today and the name of it is ‘the strangest secret’ by Earl Nightingale. I highly recommend you go on YouTube and listen to it because it is lifechanging!

Earl Nightingale speaks of the philosophy of success and why people do what they do and why only a small percentage group of people in the world reach high standards of living.

One of my very favourite quotes from that recording which I want to go a little in depth with you about is…

‘success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal’

So what does this actually mean?

Nightingale states: ‘if a man is working towards and predetermined goal and knows where he’s going that man is a success, if he’s not doing that he is a failure’.

A worthy ideal or worthy goal can be anything we want it to be such as a certain amount of money in a savings account, a loving relationship or marriage with children or maybe even a certain positon attained in our business and industry.

Anything that we would like to come about in our life that we focus on consciously that is worthy of us is ultimately what makes you a successful person.

A person who knows where he is going and why he is getting up in the morning is just as successful as anybody else who may have achieved success with results to show for it.

A successful person is a high school teacher who is teaching because that’s what he/she wants to do or the mechanic who fixes your car when it brakes down or even the lady who does your laundry. Anybody who decides to do something deliberately because it is worthy of them is defined as successful. They are doing what they love and give it their very best every single day.

 What Does Success Mean To You And What Defines It?

Why do so many people go through their entire lives struggling to make a living, not having the foggiest notion as to why circumstances had never worked out for them?

The reason people fail is because they go through their lives playing the worlds most unrewarding game and that is follow the follower. They conform to the crowd and think that if people in the millions are doing something one way that it must be the right way, however this is usually the average way. See my previous blog – is it ok if conformity is important to you

The difference between the man who fails and the man who succeeds is because of GOALS.

Unsuccessful people tend not to set goals to work towards, they just leave it up to chance and hope for the best. They live their lives in fear and doubt, they don’t realise they have deep reservoirs of talent and ability inside of them that they habitually fail to use. They are afraid to fail so do not set goals for themselves.

Having a goal to work towards is so vital in our life as this gives us purpose and direction throughout each day. Not having a goal to work towards is like a ship without a captain at the helm, it can’t go no place because it has no guidance or destination to reach and this works exactly the same with a human being.

What Does Success Mean To You And What Defines It?

so how do we set goals and what do we really want from life?

If you are unsure of a given desire to work towards I highly recommend you write yourself a bucket list of at least 100 different things you would like to do in your life. Brainstorm all the things you would like to have …

Example -

1)      Starts an online business

2)      Be my own boss

3)      Turn my annual income to a monthly income

4)      More time with my family

5)      Travel the world

6)      Go sky diving

7)      Have a Porsche 911

8)      Live in the countryside

9)      Become better at golf

10)   Own a home abroad

Etc ..

Once writing out your list of all the things that are worthy of you, number them in the order of which are most important to you to achieve first and set number one as your primary goal to focus on and make sure it’s a singular goal.

The reason I say this is because our mind works best when we only have one thing to focus on at once. It’s quite easy to get ourselves in a rut when we focus on more than one goal at a time, we end up achieving nothing but feeling overwhelmed and confused when our brain can’t process it all.

Once deciding on this primary goal you have in mind that is worthy you, do yourself a favour and write it down on a card and maybe write the date of which you would like it to come about, make it definite and start to see yourself already in possession of it. Read your card as often as you can throughout the day and most importantly first thing when you awake, and when you retire at night.

You now starting to live successfully my friend and are now in the top 5% category group of people in the world!

Have faith in the attainment of your goal and act on it immediately, don’t wait for the time to be right, as opportunity occurs to move closer to your goal as soon as possible.

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