It's T.I.M.E. (Terms In Marketing Enlightened)

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This T.I.M.E. let's review affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Unlike digital marketing, everyone seems fairly clear on this one.  

With affiliate marketing, there are three relationships:

  1. An advertiser (or a merchant)
    • This is the person that has the product or service that is willing to pay (not necessarily a commission, however) to someone for helping them sell the product or service.
  2. A publisher (or the affiliate)
    • This is the individual (or the company) that accepts a payment (again, not necessarily a commission) in exchange for helping advertise or promote the service or product.
  3. The consumer (or customer)
    • This is the person that takes action on the advertisement (not necessarily makes a purchase).

So you might want to be involved in affiliate marketing if you have a product or service to sell (as an advertiser or merchant) or if you want to be the person that gets the message out there for customers to take action (as a publisher or affiliate).


Affiliate marketing will entail other types of marketing techniques such as digital marketing.  This will require you to learn some fun marketing skills.  Then that marketing expertise will take your business to the next level, allow you to grow and, well, learn to fly....

My name is Rene Box

My company is Virtually Supportive, LLC

and thisis4u2fly...


Please note:  As an affiliate marketing publisher, I may get compensation for purchases made through any link on any of my posts.


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