It's T.I.M.E. (Terms In Marketing Enlightened)

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What is digital marketing?

There are different types of marketing.

This T.I.M.E. I would like to help define digital marketing.   

It seems there are many opinions about what digital marketing is exactly but the gist of what everyone seems to agree upon is that it is marketing (activities and processes that include communicating, creating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value to others) with technology.  


I believe it is important to know the various types of marketing so you can determine which one best fits what you would like to do with your marketing life. 

The 6 Things I Have Learned series, posted previously on my blog, would have started your thoughts in motion. Now understanding the different types of marketing will help you narrow down what different types of marketing to begin to focus on so you can get busy with the next step.  

This will help you understand where you need to begin but, of course, this first step could take you anywhere!

Choose your path and your journey will help you find your destination.  

Rene Box

Virtually Supportive, LLC



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