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This T.I.M.E. let's review ezine marketing.

What is ezine marketing? 

Ezine is a word derived from e-mail and magazine.  It is typically an e-magazine or newsletter, an electronic magazine, sent via e-mail to people that have an interest in what the ezine is publishing and have requested it.  Rather than the magazine arriving in their mailbox, it comes in the form of an e-mail.  


Ezines are typically niche specific, for example, people that want to start a business or people that are chefs or gardeners or entrepreneurs.  They request to receive the ezine from a particular publisher. The publishers come in all sizes: large, middle, and small, as well as individual business owners. Because they are targeted to a specific audience, ezines might be the strategy you want to consider for your online marketing business.

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  • Ezines can reach a handful to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
  • They are easy to create and easy to share.
  • Because they are targeted to a specific audience, they can help you reach your audience.  

Ezines ads can be placed at the top, right, bottom or other places and solo ads can be the only ad for a particular ezine.

Learning about the different types of marketing will help you decide how you want to market your new online business or provide a new marketing avenue for your existing one.

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