Who Can Do This Business?

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It was 5:00 A.M. on a Friday. I was on my computer in a call with a number of people around the world. We started off having a good time chatting. The MC and his assistant got the call started. He opened up with a question. And the wuestion was this: "Do you think anyone can do this business?"

Who Can Start and Run Their Own Business?

The audience got pensive. The MC opened the mic to anyone who wanted to answer the query. The MC calls out one gentleman and repeats the question. The answer was: Yes, I do think anyone can do this business." The MC thanked him for his honesty and asked a lady. She kept quiet for a moment and then said: "No." That's all she said. "No." The MC was taken a back for a second and thanked her for her answer. Another gentleman said: "Maybe. I'm not sure."

The MC thought that was enough and said something that sounded very serious--to me anyway. He said that "some people will do this ... and some won't." My brow went up. He, the MC answered my wuestion before I had a chance to get it through my mind. 

What It Comes Down To

The reason why some people will do this business is because they have a purpose, they have a dream and a commitment to carry them through to the end. In other words, they will do whatever it takes because they have a goal they can't or don't want to live without. 

It's a burning desire that keeps them up at night that pushes thme through to the emd of their goals.

Take anybody you may look up to. Pulling a name out of my hat... let me see. Whose name is this... Who folded up these names on these slips of paper? Oh, here we are... Steven Spielberg. He was denied enterance to director's school three times. He continued to return to the same school because he had a burning desire to be a director.

Oh, look another name... Thomas Edison. How many times did he find a way not to make a light bulb? He had a burning desire to light up the world with electricity. I wonder what he would say if he walked through downtown New York city at night and saw all those lights? 

This Is Where I'm Going

The list of names who have accomplished great things goes on in the annuls of history in all kinds of levels and directions. We admire these pople because they went through huge struggles and challenges to give us what we have today. The fifty-six people who signed the Declaration of Independence were in disagreement when they signed the dotted line. But they wanted to gove the new nation a new way of life. 

These people had a commitment to give of themselves so others could have something. That something they wanted was their dream that kept them awake at night. 

Do you have a dream, a desire a want? What are you willing to do to have that? Where is your commitment level to create that dream and make it come true? Think about it carefully. It might be just a slowly smoldering amber in your mind for the past few weeks or the past few years. It may have nagged you for a while. But are you willing to commit to it? 

If I am talking to you, click the banner below and I will send you a series of videos to show you how you can bring those smoldering ambers to a roaring flame--if you commit to it. 

I'll ask you; Who can do this business?

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