Live Life on Your Terms

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Live Life On Your Terms

How would you change your life if you had the opportunity? 

My Ideal Life

Getting up in the morning when l want to, plan my day the way l want it, have the freedom of choice, see who l want when l want to, arrange a holiday with my family just because l can. Be able to explore a new life, to evolve and improve my lifestyle and achieve financial security. Sleeping peacefully at night, waking refreshed and eager to start a new day.

Not waking up at set times every working day, being told what to do, when to do it, how much holiday or time off  I'm allowed to have, having to work over Christmas, nobody can have time off in December where l work. Groundhog day, ring any bells? Same conversations, same tasks, same route to work and home again. Bills need to be paid, interrupted sleep due to worry. I had reached a point where l physically and mentally hit that invisible brick wall.

Don't wait until you hit that wall. Take Action.

So, l am changing to Live my Life on my Terms.

Everyone has a window of opportunity. We actually have several throughout our lives, whether we are fearless enough to take them is another matter.

What really stops us from taking these opportunities and Taking action.

Fear of rejection? failure? humiliation? pride? Lack of confidence? Low self-esteem? no self-belief? negative thoughts.

Remember Only Fools and Horses? That was my favorite British sitcom. I just had this thought about Del boy and his younger brother Rodney. Del boy never gave up, he always had some deal going. They rarely worked out and were usually a bit dodgy. He stood in the market and Rodney was look out for him. He often said, "One day Rodney we will be Millionaires". Back then it was literally face to face selling, cold calling, written ads in shop windows. They did become millionaires, for a while, they lost it all but managed to regain some back. My point here is, he wasn't afraid to keep trying. Imagine if he had the wonderful thing called the Internet. It might have been just a comedy show, but, there are people even now trying to improve their lives. They just have to believe in themselves.

What would make someone take action to Live Life on Their Terms?

Be fearless, be confident, believe you can instead of thinking you can't, be inspired. I have been reading some very inspirational books recently. Change your mindset, open your mind to a new way of thinking. Be positive. Be grateful. It's surprising how much you learn about yourself. Imagine having the freedom to spend time with your family and friends. Plan your dream holiday. Be financially secure.

The world now is a much smaller place and with unlimited opportunities just waiting for someone to take action.

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