2 Reasons Why Acting As A Deaf Frog Could Be A Winning Strategy

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“Acting as a deaf frog” indicates that this article is different


Starting up with a disclaimer and talking about “acting as a deaf frog,” all points towards something different. And yes, it will be something else this time.

The topic is controversial, not in the sense of the content, but rather due to the lead protagonist around which this article is built up.

As an online marketer, we come across on a daily basis motivational posts, quotes, and statements. They are all designed in different ways but at the same time having a common underlying message:

“Never stop fighting.”

“Never stop fighting for what you want.”

“Go for it – Never stop.”

Have you seen these quotes before?

When Thomas Edison invented the electric bulb and failed thousand of times, what did people around him say? Well, they didn’t say that he did good work. His passion for what he was doing, and his conviction that he was on something big, made him continue until the success became a reality.

What had happened if he had listened to all negative words around him? What should have happened if he took all advice seriously to stop his “failing game”?

With these few words as an introduction, watch the video, think about the content and not about the cosmetics around it.

Are You Acting As A Deaf Frog, Or…..?

What changed the political rule frame forever was the new approach to winning one of the most powerful positions in the world. He combined the two strategies and was acting as a deaf frog together with being a dangerous hen on the cockfighting arena.

Whatever political opinion you might have, I do believe that we all can agree on two things:

  1. A well-constructed strategy out of the box always has an advantage compared to old traditional paths. It’s the hen on the cockfighting explained in the video
  2. If you run your race and forget about all negative exclamations, you always will find around you, and the victory will be much easier to achieve.

Whatever your goals are: dream it, make a detailed action plan, and act! ….and by now you know how to act!

We are a large group of online entrepreneurs who took a decision some time ago to make changes in our lives. For sure we had a lot of people around us, telling us that doing business online is not real and that we should stop it before we lost all we had.

Fortunately, acting as a deaf frog helped to overcome all the negativism that automatically appears when something new comes into the market.

The Mission Is Firm And Well-Defined 

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