Affiliate Programmes part one of five

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What is an affiliate program, you ask?  

Affiliate programs are the latest in truly successful residual income strategies.  They are the choice of online experts, and will be your choice too.

An Affiliate is what would typically be known in the retail industry as a representative.

What do you need to become an affiliate?

You will need a computer with a connection to the internet.  It doesn’t even need to be your own –although that does make it more comfortable.  

Beyond that, there are tons of techniques that you can build into your strategy for getting the very most out of your earnings.  

Typically, this starts with a website; A website, simple or complex, one simple page or a big deal. It’s all up to you, and you can build as you become comfortable with the concept, and understand what you’re doing.

How do you get to know these techniques, and build on your affiliate earnings?  The next 4 lessons will give you some insight into that, but for real polish and success,

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Once you’ve set up your strategy for making money through our affiliate program, you won’t even have to think about it.

The secret to making big commissions with this system comes down to one simple Idea

'High Ticket Sales'

You see high ticket basically means high price point.  These products have a higher value because they offer more quality and have better branding than lower cost products.

The Six Figure Mentors business system is designed to attract an audience who are looking and are willing to pay for more quality and better branding.

Using our business system and product lines means you make a lot more money with a lot less sales

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Remember, financial security is only a click away




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