Amazing things are born from influence

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There are many influences around us that we take for granted that are helping us to grow!


Stop and Smell the Roses. The leading edge: Influence is the way. Would you like to move through life noticing the influences you have around you? If you can realize that ease creates movement forward and that things will just line up for you, then you will begin to notice the influences in your life. Have you ever noticed that some people just go through life like, "WOW so easy!" and they always seem to be getting what they want? These people recognize the true value of their surrounding influences and follow their instincts. Do you ask yourself, "How do they do this?"

So many times we are so busy that we create chaos unnecessarily in our lives and we forget that the most valuable jewels are right in front of us. Life is effortless if we choose it to be. If you think of life as if it were...say, water (soft and flexible, yet powerful), the tighter you hold water, the less you can carry and, if you just relax and be soft and allow a gentle approach, then you will find that you can hold more. Life is very similar. If we dig our heels in and create tension with a focus of what we don't want, then you will find it is harder to get what you do want.

I have a patient who explained to me how I had influenced his life. I was humbled by his comments as he spoke of how he had an instinctual prodding to go to the facility that I work at for Physical Therapy. His mind told him NO, although his heart and soul said this is the way. Fortunately for us both, being the spiritual man that he is, he decided to follow his heart as truth. He explained how he was at his wits end in finding solutions for his pain and the freedom to live his life normally. As we completed 3 sessions relieving his pain and becoming more at ease with walking, our conversation lead to this very point; If you relax and follow your instincts (or as he describes it "the holy spirit"), you move towards what is best for you. What he didn't realize is that the influence was mutual. He has influenced me to continue to stay where I am and add value to others. We are surrounded by beautiful influences in plain sight. The key is to just slow down, relax and listen to our internal guidance and we will know the way to success in everything we do.

Take a moment today to relax and look around you for the many influences around you. Take life with ease, take one step at a time and follow your heart. The path becomes more evident as you listen to your internal guidance and the wonderful signposts along the way. Don't forget...It is about the incredible journey we call life and not the final destination to anything!

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