Being open is an essential thing says Dagny 105 year old rapper and blogger.

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It´s a question of being open or closed.

Dagny Carlsson does it again. This time she come with Youth in Sweden and as a rolemodel she now enters in this Christmas campain to Unite people and is participating in a collection of good wibbs to the less fortunated in society. 

Bbeabridge ONG movment has had the priviledge to welcome this fantastic old lady as a Godmother to Swedish youth and now together buildning bridges with this Peace song, in three languages, in three music styles and participating three generations. We hope this message will spread all over the World until Christmas. As long as there is life there is hope. Dagny has faced tree generations during her life and is content and calm when we now has entered in the fourth Industrial revolution. We have a blogg talking about all this in detail HERE.  We believe we have a roll to help mankind in this big change and leave hope for Youth. 

Sweden is a country far from faith says Hannika Oberg Chairman and leader of Bbeabridge but having a woman like Dagny as role modell gives us all hope for future.  

Dagny and Bbeabridge is collaborating in a Christmas calender where there will be surprises everyday until Christmas in December month.  


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