Blue Collar Jobs Being Replaced By Robots

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Blue Collar Jobs Being Replaced By Robots

Let's this article with the most odvious jobs to go first

  • Cashiers
  • Inventory Services
  • Janitorial Services
  • Taxi Drivers Uber Driver Truck Drivers

The last study by the Cornerstone Capital Group by finanical services extimate that 6 to 7.5 million existing jobs with be replaced by some sort of automation see report.

We are seeing first hand how cashiers at Walmart are being replaced with do it your self scanning either by using your smart phone or a cashless chechout stand. 

Do it your self check out becoming the new normal, see this interesting video on what we can expect in the new future.

Next on the list is Inventory Services

These robots take invenory in real time, never sleep, never complain, never get tired and are perfectly accurate, well, I personally will not miss this job, if you have ever done inventory you wont miss it either, Ya, for Robots on this One.

Janitorial Services

I am happy for the janitors on this one scrubbing floors is not my niche either, wouldn't wish that task on my most unfavorite person, well, o.k. maybe there is one person I could wish it on.

Robots to scrube the floors at Walmart, Walmart has order 360 none compaining floor scrubbing robots to be distruted nationwide to all the stores, no more scrubbing floors for the employees, O.K. I am liking these robots to, I do not like to scrub floors.

Check out this video to see the new normal at Walmart

The point I am tring to make here is we are moving into an automated robot age of Automation the more I research this subject the deeper down the rabbity whole I am falling, there are people that believe there children will never have to go to drivers ed or learn to drive.

Yep, automated driverless cars are in testing right know, it's estimated Millions of drivers - taxi drivers, delivery driver, uber drivers,school buses, long haul drivers, airplanes will all be automated with in the next decade or two. 

Take into account the cashiers the accountants the fast food workers and the drivers all of them, thats alot of jobs, my quietion is, will we be forced to give up our drivers licence and purchase our own auto car? 

Will our insurance rates go down? the next 10 years will be interesting to watch. 

With all these changes coming so fast and the schools not really teaching any new trades or what trades they did teach are becoming obsolite, empowering our selfs with computer knowedge and learning new computer skill is a really good idea.

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