Depression is the price for Boredom

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You know the feeling when you are about to go on holiday.

You chose the destination, who to go with, planned the entire stay, trips and the entertainment. You are finally taking your, so called by the mass, “deserved” time off work (like you don’t deserve it any other time?) You will be relaxing, having a great time, doing what you like to be doing and nothing else but that, all day, every day.

You are experiencing FREEDOM, you actually find yourself so in love with life you can’t even imagine going back to your old routine after your holiday, to your everyday life, to your boredom :-(

So why do you?? Why do you believe you must go back and settle for less than the best in life? Why do you think you can’t reject what you don’t like? Do you honestly believe you have no choice? Who told you so? You told you that you can only taste a good quality life for only two weeks a year, maybe three? Who was dealing those cards? Bad news, it was your own choice. Where you are now it’s only a result of your previous choices. You made the choice of where to work, where to live, who to be with and how to manage your own time. You are your own boss of your life, nobody owns you.


Now you come back from holiday and for next three/four days you are miserable. You need another holiday to recover, to adjust, practically to accept your reality, the reality that you call your reality. And instead of starting to plan how to live “on holiday” forever and enjoy your only life, you go back to your “safe old ways” and accept your boredom. Why? Because it’s easier. Because you won’t need to change anything, there’s no effort to be involved, no learning, no energy to burn. You will rather remain where you are than do something different from what you were doing until now as it is comfortable. And you are lazy.

But you are bored, bored with commuting to work and sitting in traffic or public transports, day after day it is all the same. Same old shit. Bored with your poor social life or lack of it, bored meeting same old faces wherever you go. You feel so miserable, even depressed. No wonder. Life was not meant to be like this, boring. Life was meant to be enjoyable, exciting, rich in every area. You were meant to experience everything you wished. But now you feel like someone owes you something, like you were deprived of the best possibilities. But nobody owes you anything. You owe yourself the best.

Feeling miserable or depressed is the price for boredom. It’s your own punishment.

Don't you like it? Then WAKE UP!!!


Wake up to the fact you can have it all. Wake up and start doing something towards “your all” today, now. Don’t wait for tomorrows. Look around and start clearing your cluttered life. Throw away things you don’t really need anymore, make plans for next week, for next thirty, fifty or ninety days and stick to them. Commit to your desirable change and commit to yourself, as you do deserve to “live on holiday” every day. Commit to living your life on your own terms. Because you do deserve it. Everyone deserves it. No one dictates you actually what you should or shouldn't be doing, no one’s there forcing you. You can’t be kidding anyone anymore that you must live your life any other way than the way you want. If you are an adult, over 21, vaccinated, with a free faculty of mind, you can make you own choices and you have no one to blame for your boredom but yourself.

And unless you pay a price for commitment to your own self, you will be depressed and pay a price for your own boredom.

You matter, your happiness matters, your contribution to this world matters.

It is possible, I used to be so bored with my work, bored on a day when there wasn't much to do or even when I had lots to do. I was bored until I realised that that kind of work is not for me. That apart from not fulfilling me, it is taking all my time and energy to do something for myself when I could be doing. I was tired of feeling used but not being of any value. That my presence at work mattered only for fulfilling somebody else's business and dreams. 

It was time for me to wake up from my boring boredom. So I did. And thanks to my great mentors and their marvelous work and contribution, I have no time now for other than doing what I love, planing my life ahead and feeling revitalised on my new journey now that I found my direction and FREEDOM. I didn't want to be going on a holiday thinking only once I'm “there“ I will be happy. I wanted to be happy everyday, as happiness is not to be assigned to holiday destination only, but it is about choices we make in life.

And you too, get off your butt and go on your permanent “holiday”.



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