What is a Digital Nomad?

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A digital nomad is someone who works remotely by using technology. Digital nomads predominantly use the internet to work and are not tied to a specific location. Typically, an individual just needs a laptop and a internet location and as long as they have a skill, they are free to travel and work simultaneously. A digital nomad is often referred to as a freelancer, being a person who is self employed and not tied down to a particular long term contract. However, digital nomads can often work on on short term contracts with big companies and often be part time employed through a variety of positions, while still having the flexibility to travel.

What are common professions of a digital nomad?

The following are examples of skills and job titles of a digital nomad. As long as the work is predominantly online with no specific office needed, it could be classified as a digital nomad career.

Bloggerlaptop map passport
Software developer
Digital designer
Consulting work
Web developer
Mentoring and advice
Owner of an online e-business
Amazon FBA seller

What are common agencies or websites to find digital nomads at work?

Fiver.com and Upwork.com are two common agencies. These websites work by connecting a customer who has a need with a skilled individual who can complete the task for the customer. The skilled individual is often a digital nomad who may be skilled in web research, lead generation, copyrighting or  a writer etc. A price is arranged and the digital nomad completed the request, from anywhere in the world. If its a job that can be completed over the internet, chances are you will find someone to do it on these websites. Prices of work can range from $5 for a request to have some emails sorted or thousands of dollars to create a website, marketing campaign and brand. This is a small example of the wide variety of work Digital Nomads do.

What are the reasons why people become a digital nomad?

The main reason for the boom of digital nomads is because of the up rise of the internet and digital age. Free and fast WiFi around the world is now extremely common, allowing for work to be complete anywhere in the globe. Many individuals capitalize on this freedom by travelling around the globe, while being able to work from their laptop and earn as they travel. The flexibility in life is also a major factor. Many individuals don't wish to work in a traditional 9-5 job. Being a digital nomad is a great contrast to this. Some individuals seek to become as digital nomad because there may be limited long term stable employment where they live or the cost of living in their city is too high. Thailand and Bail are the two main world hubs for digital nomads due to the cheap cost of living.

work hard travel harder

What are the benefits of being a digital nomad?

As stated above, flexibility and the ability to travel the world are two major benefits. Typically you don't  have a boss and can enjoy a great deal of independence. This allows for greater creativity in what you do. Many digital nomads also have multiple streams of income from from sponsorship, affiliate work, passive incomes and their own online businesses. This gives you a sense of financial security as if you loose one source of income you have multiple
incomes to fall back on, opposed to a traditional career. Having multiple streams of income also means a digital nomads are often competent in a variety of skills, meaning you are constantly increasing your expertise and experience.

What are the disadvantages of being a digital nomad?

As you are likely self employed, you do not enjoy the health benefits, superannuation, sick and holiday pay offered in traditional jobs. Providing services to people all over the world can often be challenging when in different time zones or dealing with language barriers. If you need assistance with your work, there is limited support, opposed to a traditional job with a hierarchy of support above you. The nature of work of a digital nomad can often be lonely for some
who enjoy being part of a team.

How do you become a digital nomad?

If you are already skilled in a profession and competent with online marketing, you can create your own website and promote your skills and services. Once you have built up a portfolio and following you could transition into a digital nomad full time and be free to travel and live simultaneously. If you are not skilled in a particular digital field the best way to gain a skill and be competent in working online is by joining an online training platform. I personally joined The Six Figure Mentors, who provide online training in everything to do with working online or starting your own online business. The program has devoted staff who can provide help almost 24/7 and has an abundance of courses and programs like LinedIn learning which which offers video courses by experts in software, creative and business skill.

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Do you know any digital nomads? How do they make their living? Let me know in the comments!

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