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After a conversation with a friend this morning, my piano teacher in fact, about goals and achieving, it got me thinking about the system of goal setting. I myself have set many goals in the past and like many people have failed to achieve some of them, why is this? Why do others have dreams (a vision without a goal) and not live them or even anything close to them? 

My best answer comes from a mentor of mine, Tony Robbins, one of the leading minds in the area of achievement. My understanding of my learning from him is this:

  •  Have a dream, a vision of something you want.
  • Then ask the question, WHY?
    • Why do I want it?
    • What will it do for me and/or others?
    • How will it make me feel?
  •  Turn it into a real goal by writing it down on paper then go to town on:
    • Daily - reading your goal/s.
    • Daily Visualization of the end result, the feeling and emotion of achieving it.
    • Take daily action/s that will lead you to your goal or end result.

This is simply a brief summary of my goal system, it is more in-depth than this but it hopefully outlines where a lot of us go wrong and why we don't achieve what we want. 

For example, in a couple of weeks, we will be celebrating New Year and many of us will be making New Years resolutions. How many times in the past have you made these resolutions with the right intent but failed miserably within only a couple of weeks or even days to achieve what you want?

undefinedThis is simply because it is still in the dream stage. You have a brief vision of what you want but lack the drive to achieve it without a set goal, a system or action to get you there and do not remind yourself daily what you want and how you are going to get it. You lack the feeling, the emotion that you had on New Years Eve to achieve what it is you promised yourself you were going to do. 

Here's an example of a person wanting to slim. This should demonstrate to you a different course of action though goal setting:

  • I want to be slimmer, oh look a chocolate bar, that looks nice, but I mustn't or I will never lose weight, oh blow it, one little chocolate bar won't hurt, yum yum, that was lovely.
  • I want to be slimmer, I want to be a size 34" waist, be 170lbs by July and I need to lose 1lb a undefinedweek to get there. In order to get there, I will need to eat these food at these times in these proportions. Oh, there's a chocolate bar, I simply cannot, in order to achieve my goal I must stick to my plan and not deviate. The plan says I can achieve what I want and I only have to follow the plan, chocolate bars are not in it. 

Again a very simplified version but hopefully you get the point I am making, strict goals in writing with visualisation followed by a system and massive action will get you to where you want to be. 

As you can see from the two examples above the second version is a lot longer paragraph than the first and that highlights where most people fall down. If it took me twice as many words to write it, it is logical it will take twice as much effort to achieve it, it's easier to say yes to the chocolate bar, and this is why a massive percentage of people do not achieve what they want. They are not willing to take the time to set up the goals and systems and follow up with hard work and massive action when there is a much easier, quicker way...Eat the chocolate bar. 

For those of you out there who are self-employed or a looking to start your first business, the principles above are absolutely necessary in my opinion. The difference between someone floating towards there dream and someone running at their goals is massive. I have failed in business before and now know what it takes to achieve and I and many others could not do it without a goals system. 

I am now fortunate enough to be self-employed working from home. I have all my goals set out and I work with many others in the same business all helping each other to reach our goals. The power of association when goal achieving is so so powerful and I invite you to dare to do this with me. If you are interested in giving yourself direction life and finding a system that will help you work towards your goals then you are in the right place. Click my link and you will be introduced to my mentors who are massive goal setters and let us see if we can help you create and achieve your dreams for you. http://tidyurl.com/cej9yz

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