Hey Generation X & Y - Are You Prepared For The Future That's Coming or Not?

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Have you ever wondered what you would do if at age 40, 50 or older your boss told you that the company you've worked for the last 15-20 years was downsizing or going out of business?

Have you really thought about that?


What would you do? Would you be able to take your skills and get another job making what you've been making with the same types of benefits or would you have to start over? Think about that and be real about it...what do you think would happen?

Would you be out in the workforce again competing against people 20 to 30 years younger than you willing to make half what you were making just to get their foot in the door? Would you? The answer if you want to stay in the general workforce is yes, you would have to. You would have to do just that unless you had a choice that is.

So, what is that choice?

The choice is based solely on your ability, desire and committment to take control of your situation, take advantage of the education and training available to us all and build a thriving online education business. The career of the future is one that gives us all the ability to work when we want to work, where we want to work, earn what we want to earn, have the flexibility to live the lifestyle we want while we take care of our families and have control of our lives again. 

How does that sound? Too good to be true? 

I understand, I really do, but we can have that if we re-skill and take advantage of the opportunities in front of us. 

You see I've been where I described earlier, heck I still am, but I'm taking control of my life and career rather than letting a corporation control my life while I make them millions.

I've been in corporate sales for the better part of 24 years and have made the people and corporations I've worked for over $25 MILLION in revenue. What did I recieve for that? Very little actually when you think about it, but I made them very rich.

I'm not bitter in the sense I had a job and I took care of my family, so for that I'm grateful. However, there was always very little loyalty, very few thank you's and very little income along the way. As I said, I'm still in corporate sales, but I'm preparing for my next best life. The life where I control MY income, my lifestyle, my freedom, my schedule, where I work from and whom I work with. 

Now all that sounds great, but I will say it also sounds a bit scary right? After all a responsible person has to ask themselves the following very real questions:

1.)  Will I be able to make a living on my own?

2.)  Can I handle the initial getting started phase?

3.)  Am I really committed to living life on my terms?

4.)  When it gets tough will I quit again or will I persevere?

So, Gen X & Yer's are you really ready for the inevitable future that is coming or not?

I know it's scary to think about, but we all need to get ready because eventually it comes for us all. In most cases we are going to live longer than our parents and remember we don't have pensions like they did, nor do all of us have stuffed 401K's, so we have to be ready when our companies downsize or go out of business.

The choice is your's, re-skill by educating yourself now or not.

Good luck!


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