How i started my laptop lifestyle

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How I started my laptop lifestyle


 Like many of you out there I was looking for a way to have more freedom in my life

Now I know Freedom means different things to different people

But to me I meant being able to jump on a plane with out having to ask for time off from a boss,& not have to check my bank balance to see if I can afford it, & more time to spend with the people that I love


 So, like most people out there I went to google and did some searching. When I say some, I mean many hours looking for my golden goose


 Eventually from a college at work I heard of Bitcoin was this my golden ticket I thought

So, I bought into the frenzy of buying this new way of making money

Well it safe to say I didn’t make my millions there, I still have some of my Bitcoin but its not something you can work on its all a bit of chance, will it go up? should I sell? should I buy? ect

Now I’m not saying Bitcoin is bad but its long term & we can’t help it grow so you’re at its Mersey.

 don't give up

So not being one to give up! I kept looking, well at least keeping a keen eye out for opportunities then one day when I was scrolling through Facebook, wasting time. an add was there, hummm this sound interesting, I thought so I watched the video, it not like I was busy,

Well totally life changing

That day I did find my goose that lays golden eggs, well at least it will if I keep feeding it daily,

 what i found 

You see what I found that day was an online training company that teaches you every aspect of the Digital world

Hence my new name Digital Earth Mother.


As many of you will know if you have read my other blogs, that I’m very much into keeping this amazing planet of hours safe & green for the next generation to enjoy

And as I have family all over the world I wanted to find a way that I could earn money from any were. I needed location freedom.


Because I love helping clean the beaches of the world I needed time Freedom.


Because I needed money to do the other two things I needed financial Freedom.


And I wasn’t looking for a get rich quick scheme, I wanted a lifestyle change that I can do forever, one that would still let me keep my life principles, of being honest, caring, and helping others. And this is why I say I found my golden goose


The company I found not only teaches you how to do online marketing & digital skills. But also teaches us how we can help others do the same.

It has an affiliate program, so I can help others get out of the life trap they are stuck in. & we always have  authentic conversation, this  is there key principle. No up talking the company as it is not needed. The proof is in the pudding so to speak.


Now although I haven’t made my fortune yet, I have upped my online skills to a whole new level, to the degree that I can now teach others, & even help people market their own business,

And I have learned that in just over three months of part time study.

Now just to make it clear I didn’t have any online skills prier to this apart from Facebook & emailing.

So, for them to teach a 55-year-old women with no computer skills all that in such a short time I can only imagine how amazing ill be in a year from now


What did it take you ask?

Well it took courage to get out of my comfy zone to learn these skills, but you see if you don’t take that step into the unknown and just keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got, and as you are reading this I’m thinking your not happy with what you have right now! and your looking for your style of freedom.

Now this company may not be the right one for you, as not everyone is keen to upskill them self’s

And invest in them self’s & their future, but if you are looking for a better life it might be exactly what you have been looking for.

The greatest investment you can ever make is in your self

Nobody can take that away from you

Strive to work on yourself every day

CONSISTENCY is the key

And while you’re on your journey don’t compare yourself to others.

Only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday

And remember it’s NEVER too late.

Everyday is a new opportunity to change your life

What the company provides for you

Complete step by step training, help that’s only a call away, a group of mentors to help you each step of the way, a tribe of like minded people that become your friends, regular live training, zoom calls, full Linda program, Digital bloggers, banners for advertising, and much more


  If a 55yo woman with no previous training can do this then any one can do this!

It boils down to…

How much do I want this new life?


What am I prepared to do to get it?

Remember no dream is to big. Nothing is impossible. All it takes is courage and the desire to change

Don't be afraid to go after your dreams ever again! Click the link above to get access to the same 7-Part Video Series I did so you can see more about this amazing opportunity or click on the banner below!

Good luck on your journey!

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