How to Achieve Your Goal by Doing What You Want and Not What You Desire

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By doing what you want, 90% of the work is done

Doing what you want could sound quite clicheish, I admit that. But on the other hand, there is a huge difference between what you want and what you desire.

Before going further, let us first define what "desire" and "want" really means. There are several sources out there trying to make a good definition. However, the best one I found in a blog post by Joseph Mavericks, explaining how one of the richest men in the world applies a system to get anything he wants in life.

His definition goes like this:

"A goal is something you want to achieve because it inspires you. Desires are things you want for no clear reason and usually prevent you from reaching your goals."

Reading it a couple of times, indeed, it's powerful. And thinking about it, desires usually are very emotional, lacking the fundamental pieces to make you happy in life.

Instead, when you want to achieve a specific goal, it is because it inspires you. The reason is that a goal is something you create based on very concrete and logical steps that you love to do...Continue Reading!>>

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