How to Build Revenue via Your Innovative Internet Sales Cycle - Part 1

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Friends, whther you are a Millennial, a Work From Homer or a Baby Boomer seeking a second career, let's take a fresh look at how an innovative Internet Sales Cycle can benefit your business. Yes, there are many similarities between online and offline sales cycles. In this series we will try to shed insights into new tactics in the online world. For starters, "Engagement" with suspects and prospects is a vital step in converting them to customers. Whether you are using free- or fee-based marketing methods the use of Polls, Surverys, Contests, Give-Aways (e.g the first 10 customers receive a complementary product or 3 months of free service), becoming a Charter or Platinum member with unique priveleges, are all great vehicles to mobilize and engage your audience. Key here is defining an engagement vehicle which fits both your target avartar(s) and products or services. Facebook and many other social media platforms come with such tools "onboard". If you use Wordpress for your web site, there is a plethora of plug-ins (free and fee) which provide similar functionality. Bottom line: An "engaged" audience is most likely to opt-in to your email list become customers. Learn more today by signing-up for our free trial here ( See you soon. Remain blessed ... Lawrence, Internet Digital Entrepreneur

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