How to Download Life Style

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Do you want to have a downloaded life style??

First of all, I need to explain what I mean by downloaded lifestyle. I have a part time job as a career coach. I meet people every day that would do anything for a job. They only focus on getting a job so they can pay their bills and don´t give a second thought of what it would do to their lives. They just think that if they have a job, everything will work out. Most of the times it does...but they will have to pay a high price. If you have been unemployed for a long time or just got out of school and it is time to start to work, you are in for a BIG surprise. It is an entirely new culture you are stepping into. The culture is called 9-5, job second! 

I try to prepare them. 

But I can see in their eyes they don´t believe or understand me.

Three months later.... I am picking up the pieces! Burned out, stressed, tired and poor next to no social life... and I pick up the pieces over and over again.

I talk to them about alternative options. Other ways to make an income, to make a career where they don´t have to compromise the same way. Some understand and some don´t.

I sometimes wish I was in their shoes. Getting the opportunity to make new choices of career with the knowledge that I have today.

I often talk about having a lifestyle where the job or the income that you get is a PART of your lifestyle. What if you are able to make your life exactly they way you want it and STILL make money? 

I am still amazed at the fact that people's lives are controlled in the having or not having a job.

Instead, I would like the lifestyle to control the having or not having a job. 

So instead of having a 9-5 job you can have a job that is downloaded at your choice of lifestyle:

It is mostly called being a digital nomad. It describes a person who works online from anywhere in the world and has a knack for combining work and play. Some digital nomads have a love for traveling while others (as for me) just want to be able to live with the family and be present even more. I am more for combining work and play :)  

And as a digital nomad you need to find out what your skills are and how you can use them online.There are few people today that do not know how to type and work with a PC. That gives you a headstart. It is easy to find different kinds of job on the internet. 

Here you can find online jobs that could be a start for you to find another way to make money online or why not try My mentor's online job

The change in my lifestyle has been enormous and I only work as a digital nomad one day a week...for now :) 

Like I say when people ask me why I do it one day a week: Every journey starts with one step and I just took my first step!

What will be your first step? 

What action will you take towards a downloaded lifestyle?

How to make your first 10K online!

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